Amazon SDE intern experience

Round 1:  The first round was an online coding + aptitude + debugging test.

  • There were 2 coding questions – is path possible in 2 D matrix and the other one was very similar to a linear search in a 2D matrix.
  • 70 minutes were provided for these questions.
  • The debugging questions were also fairly easy, simple replacement of || operator by && types.
  • The aptitude questions were also simple and ample time was provided for them.
  • Candidates had to solve both coding questions, all debugging questions and perform well in the aptitude section also to qualify for the next round.

Round 2: The second round was an interview round. My interviewer asked me 4 questions and also asked me to code all of them after discussing the solution. Below is the list of questions asked:

There were no more rounds conducted for the candidates, amazon selected the candidates on the basis of these 2 rounds.

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