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Amazon RDS – Copying a DB Snapshot

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This article will include all the steps required and related to copying a DB Snapshot. Before, getting straight into the process, let us be familiar with the concept of DB Snapshot. 

A DB Snapshot or database snapshot is a non-editable backup of any desired database instance at any point of time, protected and saved securely in Amazon S3 for any user-defined period of time. DB Snapshots can be categorized into two types, namely, they are-

  • Automated
  • Manual

As the names suggest, automated snapshots are made by the cloud itself and manual snapshots are created by users only. 

Now, let us jump straight into the process of copying a DB Snapshot.

Step 1: Login into your AWS account, as your main screen appears, then you have to go to the services section present on the extreme left, click on that. A bunch of services will be listed ahead of you. Among them, there is an option of the database, here we have the RDS (amazon relation database service) click on it. The image is attached ahead to refer to.

Step 2: Once the RDS console is completely loaded on the screen, from the navigation pane of the left choose Snapshots. An image is attached for better understanding.

Step 3: In a while, the list of existing snapshots will appear on the screen. Refer to both lists i.e. Manual & Automated and then select the snapshot you are willing to copy. And from the menu bar, click on Actions and choose “Copy Snapshot”. Here is the image to refer to.

Step 4: Further, the copying page appears. Here, you can choose the region wherever you want to copy the snapshot and give a name to this new snapshot. Here is the image attached to refer to.

Step 5: After checking all the details of your new snapshot, finally, click on “Copy Snapshot”. Refer to the image attached ahead.

In this way, you can easily copy a DB Snapshot using the console. Copying an existing snapshot is helpful to users in multiple ways. As it helps us to maintain records and securely copy them in a similar or different region as per our choices. For security concerns, we can copy an encrypted snapshot as well and can maintain the same security level at every region. 

If you also use a free tier AWS account, then don’t forget to delete all the resources and snapshots before logging out. 

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Last Updated : 27 Mar, 2023
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