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Amazon Interview | Set 65 (Off-Campus for SDE-2)

Last Updated : 19 May, 2021
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My experience for Amazon’s Software Development Engineer-2 

1st Round (Face-to-Face) 
1. Design ATM 
2. Design Car Service center 
—- Deep dive into design and focus on specific modue called ‘Service’ 
—- Supervisor should be able to allot a Best Engineer to Service customer request, How do you code to get best engineer to fix the car service request. 

2nd Round (Face-to-Face) 
1. Write a program to get all list of nodes without siblings in Binary tree 
2. How do you implement ‘Car service center’ application to achieve Reliability, Scalable and Consistent in distributed environment. 

3rd Round (Face-to-Face) 
1. Some behavioural Questions 
2. Core java Q: Why do we need equals method ? Can we check equality using hashcode method. Difference b/w them ?. 
3. Get all nodes K distance away from leaf nodes. I could able to tell him my idea, but I couldn’t able to come up with program with in given time. 

4th Round (Face-to-Face) 
1. Specific questions on current working project. 
2. Implement my own Connection pooling 
3. Given a linked list, write a function to reverse every k nodes. Initially I told him solution with help of Stack , then he asked without using extra space, With his clue, I could able to tell him using recursive logic to solve it. 
Inputs: 1->2->3->4->5->6->7->8->NULL and k = 3 
Output: 3->2->1->6->5->4->8->7->NULL. 

5th Round (Face-to-Face) 
1. Given a string, find the longest substring which is palindrome. For example, if the given string is “forgeeksskeegfor”, the output should be “geeksskeeg”. I have seen this question , but never thought about solution. 
Same question i got in interview, I was very happy to get solution, interview asked me optimize further. I could fix 1 improvement and he suggested 1 improvement. 
2. Identify all possible entities/domain objects in Cricket. Went little deep. 
3. Given Channel, Program and TRP ratings, How do you consume those at server side, 
and what do you do to retrieve specific data like 1Get all programs in given channel where TRP is > 10′. 
4. Some behavioral Questions 

Overall it was great experience, Myself satisfied with my performance in all rounds expect 3rd round :(. 




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