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Amazon Interview | Set 106 (On Campus for Internship)

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Amazon came to our campus recently for placements and internships. I attended for internship and i am sharing my experience here.

First Round: Online:

    20 MCQs based on basic aptitude,OS,C programming and data structures.
    2 coding questions:

  1. Consider a coordinate system consisting of n coordinates from (x1,y1)…..(xn,yn)
    Also there are two values ymin and ymax given to you. You have to return min(D) where D is x^2 + y^2 for all y lying between ymin and ymax inclusive. If there is no such y then return -1.
  2. Given a number n and a number k. You have to find the next bigger number from n which is obtained after exaclty k swaps.
    Eg: Take n=43592169 and k=5
    1st swap: 43952169
    2nd swap: 49352169
    3rd swap: 94352169
    4th swap: 94532169
    5th swap: 95432169 :- final number


First Interview:

  1. Check if a linked list is palindrome or not.
  2. Given an array of n integers(positive or negative). Find the maximum sum of subsequence of the array and also total number such arrays possible having the maximum sum.

Second Interview(Final):

  1. A linked list consists of two pointers: a next pointer and a child pointer. We have to make the linked list linear i.e. making all the child pointers NULL.
    eg:  1->2->3->4
         |     |
         5->6  8
    answer would be:
  2. Given a distance n. A person standing at position 0 has to reach n. He can either take 1 step or 2 steps at a time. In how many ways he can reach there.
  3. Finally some definitions from OOPS, OS and basic data structures.

I was finally hired for the Internship at Amazon. I would like to thanks Geeks for Geeks which helped me a lot in my preparation.

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Last Updated : 20 Jun, 2019
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