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Amazon Interview -SDE 1 Interview Experience

Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2019
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Amazon had come for a drive in Pune.

They took 3 rounds on the day of drive and rest of the rounds were taken after that.

Round 1:

This was a pen and paper round .There were approximately 40 candidates and following questions were asked to code on paper.

  1.  Create a binary search tree from a given sorted array.                                                                                                                 
  2. Find the row with maximum number of 1s in the given matrix.                                  
  3. Find next greater element in O(1) time complexity.                                                   

Round 2: F2F Interview

  1. Triangle frog puzzle.
  2.  There is a sorted rotated array of numbers where each number appear in pair except one. Find the element which do not appear in pair in O(logn) time complexity.

Round 3: F2F interview.

1.  Given a string find the longest substring consisting of non-repeated characters.

2.  Find the island of largest 1s in a given matrix.                                                                 

Round 4:  F2F interview

  1. Half an hour general discussion on current project, technology used, hurdles faced during projects, failure if any.
  2. Merge k-sorted  arrays. (Gave min-heap solution, they were satisfied with this solution).

Round 5: Managerial round over skype.

1. A lot of behavioral questions were asked like challenges faced so far, how did you overcome them, any failures you have faced till now, what could you have improved in your current project etc (this went for around 45 min ).

2. General discussion around projects, about factory design pattern and its implementation as I had used one in one of my projects.

Prepare behavioral questions well as they put a lot of stress on this . Below is a link which you can refer to while preparation :

I got a call  from HR 2-3 days after the  hiring manager round that I have been selected for app-store steam in Amazon Banglore.

Thank-you geeks for geeks for helping me prepare all this while.  🙂



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