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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 258 (Off-Campus)

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Telephonic Round
Q2. Find kth node from end in a link list(Asked its many solutions)
Q3. Print the extreme left and extreme right node of every level in a tree.

Round 2
Q1. Given a string remove all duplicate characters but the last one. Example.
abcab output is cab

You can’t assume 256 chars.

Q2. Print left view of a tree

Q3. Return first non repeating character in stream of characters

Round 3.(1 hour)
It was all about my current projects and work.

Round 4
1.Given two Link list having some sorted elements and have some common elements . Find the largest sum LL where you can switch between LL at a common point.

2. Given a circular table how many handshakes are possible so that no two handshakes cross each other

2        3

Handshake with 2-3 and 1-4 will cause cross.

Round 5
1. Given a directed graph check is it tree or not?
2. Given an array of integers check whether there are two numbers present with given product
3. Questions on my current projects
4. Questions on how processes communicate
5. Questions on synchronization
6. Questions on Networks

Round 6-
1. Tries
2. print all interleaving strings
3. Given a sorted array of size n having numbers in range from 1 to n count how many numbers are sum of some other two elements in the same array in (n) time and O(1) space

Round 7-
1- Check given number is multiple of 3 not using % and /.
2- Check validity of tic tac toe

Thanks a lot G4G

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Last Updated : 06 May, 2016
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