Amazon Interview Experience | Set 166 (For SDE I)

Telephonic 1:-

1. Light is falling on a tree from left side you have to find all the nodes on which this light will fall.

2. Check whether a link list is palindrome or not.

3. Minimum Edit Distance.

Telephonic 2:-

1. ZigZag traversal of tree

2. Pair wise elements which sum to a given value

3. Intersection point of two linklists

F2F round 1:-

1. Maximum in sliding window

F2F round 2:-

1. You have a list of program files, how will you decide which file to compile first and which later, what data structure you will use for storing these dependencies.

2. Best Fit

3. You have been given time intervals of a you tube video watched mostly. You have to find out the most watched time interval, so that you can put an ad in between that section.

F2F round 3:-

1. Find a number in an infinite stream of sorted numbers.

2. What happens when a computer starts?

3. Write a hashing function for storing stream of words.

F2F round 4:-

1. A lot about my projects, what is the best thing you have done so far.

2. Populate sibling pointers in a tree.

3. TCP/IP, http/https, how to establish a secure connection or send an encrypted data, PPP protocol.

4. Virtual memory.

Thanks a lot geeksforgeeks for helping me a lot in my interview preparation.

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