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Amazon interview Experience | Set 136 (For SDE-T)

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Phonic Interview
1. Let’s start with you introduction
In between introduction he asked me about my some project work experience and How have you done?

2. Take a integer as a input and replace all the ‘0’ with ‘5’.

    For example:
    102 - 152
    1020 - 1525
    (Do not use any array for replacing the '0' to '5') 

3. You are given two binary tree and write algorithm to check Are two Binary Trees mirror image of each other?

Amazon Interview for SDET @ Hydrabad Development Center

1st Round
1. Project Detail & past experience

2. Current Technology i am working in

3. Intersection of two sorted Linked lists

4. Maximum Subsequent distinct & contiguous sub array in a character array

2nd Round
This round was purely for checking Test Framework and Test Case Knowledge.

He has given me some scenario and ask to write test cases for them

1. you are given a web page into that simply one browse button and Image Holder is their.Write the Test Cases for this.

2. You are given application like Google Analytics. How will you test this application ?

3. what are the basic features you will add into your own test framework.

3rd Round
This round was purely a discussion based on past project experience.Like which project do you think that was most difficult and you had a nice experience.
He asked me each progress point of the project.

1. how will you check that each page of is having its logo or not.he also asked me to write code for this also.

2. Some Test Framework Based question like

3. Have you worked on any automation framework or not?

4. what happen between, when you enter a URL into a browser address bar and hit enter to actually page gets loaded ?

In between he asked me few things about DNS Server,Router etc and some discussion was there.

4th Round
1. Level order traversal

2. Reverse Level Order Traversal

3. Make a stack using 2 given queue.

4. Some Project Experience & Automation Framework Discussion,which i have worked on.

5. There was some situational questions also for Team work.

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Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2019
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