Amazon Interview Experience | SDE-2

Round 1: (Technical)

– Given a building as a 2D matrix with three possible values at each cell: P for Person, W for Wall and E or Emergency Exit. For every personal we need to find the minimum number moves to reach to (nearest) exit.

– Given a stream players with player number and score. At any point of time, given a rank we need to return player. Implement data structure to support add player and get rank in optimum time.


add(P1, 25), add(P2, 15), add(P3, 20), add(P4, 40)

rank(1): Return P4

rank(2): Return P1

Round 2: (Technical)

Given an array of numbers, print all the numbers if there are at least two numbers greater than element
Snake ladder game
– Find the minimum prefix required for each string

Input: “dog”, “dock”, “zebra”, “cat”, “cord”

Output: dog, doc, z, ca, co

Round 3: (System Design)

– What was the quality improvement you have done in your team

–  What was the decision you have taken in the absence of your manager

– Design Online Chess Game: Functional & Non-Functional Requirements, HLD, LLD and DB Entity Schema

Round 4: (Hiring Manager)

– Why are you changing

– Why Amazon

– What was the thing you felt is sub-optimal when you were using Amazon site

– Given a class with 25 members and a constraint is not to have an object in memory with partial members set and caller should have easy way of creating an object (Answered with Builder Pattern)

– Design Alert System for Price Down of a Product

Round 5: (Bar Raiser)

– Why are you changing

– Why Amazon

– Most recent technical challenging work

– Team concern you solved

– Situation where you had a conflict with your manager

– What did you improve in your team

– Innovative work done

– Why Amazon asked again at the end of the round

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