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Advantages and disadvantages of GPS

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Global Positioning System (GPS) may be a satellite-based positioning system which is owned by our government and by Air Force of us. Elemental technique of GPS is to amount ranges between receiver and at an equivalent time ascertain observed satellites. Positions of the satellites are forecasted and broadcasted alongside GPS signal to the user. Through various identified positions (of the satellites) and therefore measured distances between receiver and satellites, position of the receiver are often determined. Difference in position, which may be also determined in reference to time, is then speed of receiver. These satellites are usually situated at peak of 20, 000 Km above earth with speed of 14000 Km/Hr. Signals are send at speed of sunshine by these satellites. GPS uses mathematics principle of “trilateration” to work out position of an object and it’s a system of quite 30 satellites orbiting world. The entities involved in the working of GPS are

  • Satellites (the space segment).
  • Control system (operated by U.S. military).
  • Signals
  • Position of satellites is understood from signals which they broadcast to receiver.
  • These signals are received by receivers connected within objects which are to be located.
  • Important point here is that minimum 4 satellites are required to urge precise location of receiver on Earth.
  • 3 satellites are wont to trace situation place.
  • 4th satellite is employed to verify target location of satellites.
  • GPS receiver takes knowledge from satellite and uses tactic of triangulation to work out a user’s exact position.

Advantages of Global Positioning System :

  • GPS is extremely easy to navigate because it tells you to direction for every turns you’re taking otherwise you need to fancy reach to your destination.
  • GPS works altogether weather so you would like to not worry of climate as in other navigating devices.
  • GPS costs you very low as compared other navigation systems.
  • Most attraction of this technique is its100% coverage on earth.
  • It also helps you to look nearby restaurants, hotels and gas stations and is extremely useful for a replacement place.
  • Due to its low cost, it’s very easy to integrate into other technologies like telephone.
  • System is updated regularly by United States government and hence is extremely advance.
  • This is the simplest navigating system in water as in larger water bodies we are often misled thanks to lack of proper directions.
  • GPS signal is out there worldwide. Therefore, users won’t be bereft of it anywhere.
  • GPS are often used anywhere within world, it’s powered by world satellites, so it are often accessed anywhere, a solid tracking system and a GPS receiver are all you would like.

Disadvantages of worldwide Positioning System :

  • Sometimes GPS may fail thanks to certain reasons and therein case you would like to hold a backup map and directions.
  • If you’re using GPS on A battery operated device, there could also be A battery failure and you’ll need a external power supply which isn’t always possible.
  • Sometimes GPS signals aren’t accurate thanks to some obstacles to signals like buildings, trees and sometimes by extreme atmospheric conditions like geomagnetic storms.
  • GPS chip is hungry for power which drains battery in 8 to 12 hours. this needs replacement or recharge of battery quite frequently.
  • GPS doesn’t penetrate solid walls or structures. it’s also suffering from large constructions or structures.
Last Updated : 20 Dec, 2022
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