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Difference between GPS and DGPS
  • Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2020

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. whereas DGPS stands for Differential Global Positioning System. Both used for the satellite-based navigation systems.

The fundamental distinction between GPS and DGPS is that, Gps’s instruments range is global. on the other hand, DGPS’s instruments range is local.

Difference between GPS and DGPS:

1.GPS stands for Global Positioning System.DGPS stands for Differential Global Positioning System.
2.In GPS, frequency varies from 1.1 GHz to 1.5 GHz.While in DGPS, frequency varies as per agency requirements.
3.GPS uses WGS84, that is used for time coordinate system.While in DGPS, local coordinate system is used.
4.The cost of GPS is lower than DGPS.While the cost of DGPS is costlier than GPS.
5.GPS’s instruments range is global.While DGPS’s instruments range is local.
6.In GPS, only one receiver is taken place.While in DGPS, two receivers are taken place.

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