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Adobe ( Product development) Internship Interview

Last Updated : 18 Feb, 2019
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I was selected off-campus through a Career fair, GHCI. The career fair is free,  happening in Bangalore celebrating women in tech and every women and girl should participate for it.

Round 1: Written round 

This round was conducted on the hackerrank platform. There were some aptitude questions and a coding question. At last, we were supposed to write pseudocode to spiral traversal of a 2D matrix. Another essay type question was there, it was based on the importance of IoT.

Round 2: 

I was emailed after a week about my selection. A telephonic interview was scheduled. The recruiter shared a google doc with me just at the time of interview. He asked me to “tell about myself and a few things about my project”

I was given two coding question

  1. Write the recursive function for printing from m to n where m and n will be given. Eg: if m =2, n=5. we have to print 2 3 4 5., if m=5 n=2, we have to print 5 4 3 2.
  2. Remove the duplicate elements from a sorted array in place and without using any extra space.

After these two, I was asked What is semaphores. What is a BST and some basic questions about time complexities and trees?


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