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Adobe Interview Experience | Set 35 (Off-Campus Drive)

Last Updated : 30 May, 2016
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Recently I appeared for adobe interview drive at Hyderabad.
Here is the questions being asked to me.

Round 1: Written test based on online hackerrank.

  • MCQ choice questions on aptitude and 5 coding questions.

Round 2: Telephonic discussion.

  • Infinite streams of number, find top k numbers.
  • OS scheduling policies.
  • 9 balls puzzle to detect the faulty ball.

Round 3: F2F

  • Print a m*n matrix in spiral form.
  • Detect & return the intersection point of 2 linked list.
  • Puzzle- Calculate the value of pie given area of circle.

Round 4: F2F

  • Multiple 2 numbers using bitwise operator.
  • Given a number, find the next highest number formed using the same digits.

    Eg: I/P: 25317
    O/P: 25371

  • Clone a linked list given 2 pointers, next & arbit.
  • Concept of virtual destructor.
  • Delete operator in C++

Round 5: F2F

  • Given an empty string of size n & value k. Find permutation of string with the value at each position ranging from 0 to k-1.
  • Given a windows file system structure containing folders & file.Given a method IsFile(). Print all the path from root which ends in a file.

Director Round:

  • Discussion about projects done with previous company.
  • Design hashtable , write APIs exposed to user & underlying architecture used.

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