Adobe Interview experience | 2020 Internship (Off-campus)

Round 1: (90mins)

The first round was held online comprised of 4 parts essentially

Part 1: 10 MCQs on Quantitative aptitude questions mostly including questions on maths like probability, matrices (some of which were confusing but doable) and rest 5 MCQs on Data structures, algorithms and some C++ questions

Part 2: 1 Medium level coding question

Find minimum ways of obtaining a sum ‘X’ from an array of integers given that repititions are allowed.

if Input list = [1, 3, 7, 4] and N=14 function should return 2 as 7+7=14, and ‘-1’ in case the sum is not possible

I was able to solve it and passed all 12/12 test cases

Part 3: 1 Pseudo code

Q. Print all elements of a matrix in zig zag manner

This was easy and you were not expected to write the entire C++ code, just the steps

Part 4: 1 Essay Question

‘What does IoT mean to you? How do you think IoT will impact the future?’


My test went pretty good and I was informed 2 days after the online test that I was shortlisted for the second round

Round 2:

This was a telephonic Interview (roughly 40 mins long)

The Interviewer was very polite. She first asked me to introduce myself to her

We had a long discussion on one of my internships at a startup and what role I played in the product I developed.

Then she proceeded to the DSA Questions

 1. Convert a series of strings to their integer form

I gave multiple solutions like direct functions to do so in java, then she told me to give a solution without the function

I gave a hashmap solution with keys as string version of the number and values as integer which was O(1)

She further told me remove the hashmap, then I said we could directly extract characters and return ascii values. She was satisfied with all the solutions.

2. Find the pair in Array of integers that sum upto ‘x’

I gave a naive solution first with O(n^2) then further used sum of subsets and gave a O(2^n) solution

I couldn’t think of a O(n) solution so quickly. The link of the solution is:

(I realised how easy it was after the interview.. Oops!)

3. Detect a cycle in linked list

I explained the floyd’s algorithm for cycle detection. she was satisfied with the solution

4. She gave me a complex scenario on inheritance (java) and questions on it. It wasn’t difficult if you know your basics


I had explained her all the solutions, approach, the code i wrote on the paper and ran through examples for each question asked

At last she asked me about my future plans and asked me if I had any questions for her

I asked her some questions that I had in mind about her growth in the company. She answered descriptively and the interview ended.  Overall it was pretty good

I’m still awaiting a mail for my result in round 2.


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