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Activities involved in Software Requirement Analysis

Last Updated : 08 Nov, 2021
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Software requirement means requirement that is needed by software to increase quality of software product. These requirements are generally a type of expectation of user from software product that is important and need to be fulfilled by software. Analysis means to examine something in an organized and specific manner to know complete details about it. 

Therefore, Software requirement analysis simply means complete study, analyzing, describing software requirements so that requirements that are genuine and needed can be fulfilled to solve problem. There are several activities involved in analyzing Software requirements. Some of them are given below : 

  1. Problem Recognition : 
    The main aim of requirement analysis is to fully understand main objective of requirement that includes why it is needed, does it add value to product, will it be beneficial, does it increase quality of the project, does it will have any other effect. All these points are fully recognized in problem recognition so that requirements that are essential can be fulfilled to solve business problems. 
  2. Evaluation and Synthesis : 
    Evaluation means judgement about something whether it is worth or not and synthesis means to create or form something. Here are some tasks are given that is important in the evaluation and synthesis of software requirement : 
    • To define all functions of software that necessary.
    • To define all data objects that are present externally and are easily observable.
    • To evaluate that flow of data is worth or not.
    • To fully understand overall behavior of system that means overall working of system.
    • To identify and discover constraints that are designed.
    • To define and establish character of system interface to fully understand how system interacts with two or more components or with one another.
  3. Modeling : 
    After complete gathering of information from above tasks, functional and behavioral models are established after checking function and behavior of system using a domain model that also known as the conceptual model. 
  4. Specification : 
    The software requirement specification (SRS) which means to specify the requirement whether it is functional or non-functional should be developed. 
  5. Review : 
    After developing the SRS, it must be reviewed to check whether it can be improved or not and must be refined to make it better and increase the quality. 

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