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7 Interview Tips and Tricks For Introverts

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Interviews are stressful for everyone, but if you are an introvert then it can be extra difficult. Meeting new people, starting a conversation, or making friends is always tough for introverts as they have the natural tendency to stay away from people. They want to keep their distance from everyone and love being in their own space, but it cannot be done at the time of an interview. Yes, you have to outshine others and show your best bits.

Now, the question arises – how can introverts comfort themselves in an unfamiliar setting? How can they crack an interview which has the best candidates who are confident enough to beat anyone? 

Here’s the deal!! Do not panic, and start preparing. Every person has many hidden skills which they might not have explored, hence, you need to jiggle them a bit and find your strengths and HURRAY! You are done.  

For becoming a pro here we have listed a few things that all introverts can work on and achieve their targeted goals. So, let’s get started with the best interview tips and tricks for introverts:

1. Plan and Strategize Everything

It is important to strategize your day, like how you want to start and end it properly by cracking the interview. The thought of meeting new people can create panic and you can become overwhelmed with that thought only. You can feel stressed out but if you do the preparations beforehand then everything will fall into place. Keep all your documents in one place, and check out the destination and how much time it will take to reach them. Also, you can finalize the clothes you would be wearing, etc. 

Doing all this will help you keep your mind focused completely on the interview. On the other hand, while entering the interview room smile brightly and do not lag behind in showing confidence. Hence, managing these simplest tasks can create a great impression. Now when it comes to the ending part, so you can go out by showing your interest in the job and the company, give a solid handshake thus leaving a lasting impression.

2. Try Brushing Up Small Talk Skills

Yes, we all know that introverts do not like talking much, but it is an interview, and talking will only help, start working on that. You can begin by rephrasing your big answers into small ones. Though sometimes short answers tend to be rude, you can flip the situation by asking a small question to make the situation light and relaxing. Furthermore, if things are getting heavy for you then, including some generic topics and putting the ball in the interviewer’s court by asking them about the company or the job role can help you a lot. It will make you look more interested and gain you an appreciation for not being quiet all the time.

3. Sharp Up Your Listening Skills

One of the biggest qualities of introverts is that they are good listeners and one of the most beneficial skills for an interview. Even though you may lack behind in having conversations with people you can change the situation by carefully listening to them. It becomes advantage while answering complex questions, as you can take your time and analyze it properly. Though it will take some time to prepare yourself to face people, “Practice Makes a Man Perfect!” Just prepare yourself before the interview and master interview skills.

4. Show Your Strengths as an Introvert

Never think that if you are an introvert you are weak because it’s not true. There are many people out there who are introverts and you might not know the interviewer sitting there can be an introvert. Therefore, do not hide your personality, but use it as your strength. As said above listening and observing is your thing so use them at the time of the interview. Try to find out a few connections with the person sitting in front of you and things may become easier. 

Other than that, bringing up the accomplishments which highlight your introverted personality, such as completing a project all by yourself, solely mentoring your colleagues, etc., can be the cherry on the cake.  

5. Prepare For Typical Questions

Every interview has some typical questions, which require formulated answers and being an introvert it can be uncomfortable for you to prompt it out. Therefore, review some of the common questions before going for the interview and frame the answers beforehand so that you do not fumble there. Also, try not to be cringy and stay quiet more often, and if you feel hopeless, stand in front of the mirror and improve your answers. It can also help in building up confidence and will let you feel more confident enough in making perfect eye contact while speaking.

6. Test Yourself on the Mock Interview

Mock interviews are boon! 

Yes, they help you evaluate yourself and let you know where you stand. Once you are prepared with the answers try out the mock interview, it will give instant feedback on how you will be performing the other day. You can prepare an excellent introduction, speak in front of a cellphone, or friend and check where you lag. Take a look at the video and see your body language, is it confident or weak, your shoulders stiff or drooping, or you are comfortable or scared? Amplifying these things and working on yourself will make you pass the insecurities, and you will be on your way to getting the dream job.

7. Take Advantage While Doing Follow Up

Being an introvert may hamper your socializing skills but when it comes to writing you can upgrade yourself. Take advantage of email and follow up like a pro. Also, you can take it as a chance of clarifying any blunders made during the interview. You can thank the interviewer for their time and patience thus showing your final impression. Following up also makes you interested in the job role and reminds the person about you. 

Lastly, It is not necessary to be an extrovert for cracking an interview but striding out skillfully is. Hence, being an introvert is not a curse and you can show off it as your biggest strength by following the given tips and tricks!!

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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