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7 Interesting Game Projects To Enhance Your JavaScript Skills

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 14 Nov, 2021
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JavaScript is indeed one of the most popular, demanded, and used programming languages in the tech world. The language provides significant support for both – client-side and server-side development. Further on, it has a vast range of applications like web development, mobile apps development, game development, creating web servers, etc. You need to know that JavaScript is being used by numerous renowned tech companies including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and many more. Hence, in a nutshell, if you’re looking forward to learning JavaScript, then it would be one of the most rewarding and worthwhile career decisions for you.


Now, as they say, the best way to learn is ‘learn by doing’ – you should definitely try out building several significant JavaScript projects to level up your JavaScript skills. In particular, you can consider creating a few game projects in JavaScript as it will not only make you proficient with JavaScript but also your journey of learning JavaScript and project development will become more exciting, interesting, and enjoyable. There are numerous JavaScript game projects such as Word Scramble, Alien Invader Game, etc. that you can consider. With similar concern, in this article, we’re going to check out the list of the 7 most interesting game projects that will surely help you to enhance your JavaScript skills.

Let’s get started:

1. Magic Eight Ball

Magic Eight Ball basically is a fortune-telling game already developed in the 1950s. Curious to know how it can predict fortune? As soon as the user asks a question (the user may ask Raju is your name? or Isn’t your name Raju?) whose choice of answers are either Yes or No, the magic ball reveals the answers which you can see on its surface. 

But the fact is that there are possibilities associated with Yes or No like No, certainly not!!, Ask again later, I really don’t care, and many more (the number may exceed 10). All of these make this game project interesting and you must begin with: –

  • Creating the structure of the Magic Eight Ball page which will present a rectangular space asking you to type your question. Then, you will see a Shake button that showcases in front of your eyes the possibilities associated with Yes/No responses.  
  • After the structure is prepared in HTML, you will use some JavaScript and CSS codes for displaying appropriately the Magic Ball with the number Eight written on its surface.
  • The time has now come to add the relevant logics which will help in generating well an array of predictions justifying the choices of Yes/No answers. 
  • And at the end, you must test this predictive Magic Eight Ball game project by typing, ” Is JavaScript better than C or C++?”.  

2. Coin Toss Game

Coin Toss Game, as the name suggests, will remind you of those days where you are about to begin a cricket match through Heads or Tails as the deciding factor. Besides, this two-player game (the first player is you obviously and the second one is the computer for sure) tells your current points along with the info like extra points you need to score to win the match against computer followed by making a selection between a Head or Tail. 

Still not mesmerized by the view this game will present!! Take a look at the steps to implement this game whose winner will be declared in five guesses promisingly demanding CSS style & DOM manipulations, conditionals, and game logic functions coded in accordance with the appropriate JavaScript syntax: –

  • Creation of <button>, <div> along with attributes. Those attributes will be within the HTML element.
  • Adding the tag <script>. Then try not to avoid attaching event listener (for running outcomes as per the events Heads or Tails are triggered) to <button> which will implement well fnClick function.
  • Usefully apply now Math.random() within fnClick function. Thus, as a result of this game project, a Coin Toss game is in your service from now for simulating the outcomes like Heads or Tails as many times (here it is 5 times) as a user including you wants. 

3. Word Scramble

This competitive and problem-solving game project can train the brain of people with different age groups like from 8 to 59. It is because you need to guess the appropriate word from the letters arranged in a non-meaningful way. After you determine the appropriate word and the game finds it right, the computer generates the message, ” Awesome!! The word is correct”. 

Otherwise, the computer will generate an error message like, ” Sorry!! Please try finding the correct one”. Does all this not encourage you to know more about its code? See, you need to:

  • Generate a list of words whose letters aren’t arranged in a meaningful order.
  • Use addEventListener(): adds the event of guessing the word in the game which will call itself every time you answer the word which can either be correct or not.

Kudos!! You are now free to train your brain to extend the level of your vocabulary and problem-solving skills to beat the competition.  

4. Click Shape Game

Click Shape Game project using JavaScript and some CSS styling gives you 1 second in which you have to earn 15 points. Thinking about how will you be earning those points!! To earn them, you can click as many times your mouse cursor to generate any of the shapes like circle, rectangle, etc. whose selection is already programmed. 

Now, take a look at below activities that you will be doing while building this amazing Click Shape Game project through JavaScript: –

  • Manipulating elements through JavaScript.
  • Customizing event listeners to access the privilege of interacting with a user responsively.
  • Use of JavaScript timeout and date method.   

5. Chaser Box Game

Chaser Box Game project is one of the easiest chasing games that even a beginner can play with no or minimal guidance. Now, you may ponder what this game is all about!! So, in this game, you will see two boxes one is of green color and the other is red. With the use of keyboard buttons, keep moving the red box till it reaches the surface of the green one. 

To build this Chaser Box Game that can flexibly be played, you should be writing JavaScript codes with events like moving the red box, putting a halt to the red box’s movement after it traverses the green one. What are you waiting for now? Create this fun-loving Chaser Box Game by applying JavaScript code snippets comprising of various variables and functions.

6. Alien Invader Game

This Alien Invader game project imitates the nature of invading into a region full of aliens so that you can kill them in a certain time like 15 to 40 seconds. In this project, you will learn how to deal with a situation where some aliens will target you and you need to escape from there anyhow. 

Seamlessly, to create this no-nonsense Alien Invader game, you require some JavaScript functions which are: –

  • function draw(): for moving the alien towards the player who is you shooting them.
  • function moveShooter(): to move the player from one position to another (like towards left or towards right).
  • function remove(): to remove the aliens after they are shot.
  • function shoot(): this lets the player shoot the aliens.

7. Element Catcher Game

Element Catcher Game, in accordance with its name, lets you pick many elements from the ones falling one after the other in the vertical direction. Also, the computer will display how many elements have been picked by you in the duration you are playing. Through this game project, you will learn how flexible it is to update the structure and content of a document dynamically using JavaScript programs not demanding any libraries. 

Contemplating which functions will you use? So, you will be making use of: –

  •  getBoundingClientRect(): for estimating the size and relative position of elements (from the viewport) falling one after the other. 
  •  querySelector(): for selecting the elements by updating the number of elements selected by you in the game. 

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