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10 Work From Home Essentials To Enhance Your Productivity

Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2022
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As the world has been gripped by the deadly pandemic, Work From Home has become a new lifestyle. For many people, working from home is a boon, while it has become a curse for some. This trend has given people enough flexibility and relaxation to work while watching their favorite series but has taken a severe hit on your productivity level. It has got your role back on a lethargic routine where the working hours have been shifted to late nights. But this is not entirely true! 


You can work on your productivity while working from home by adapting to a healthy routine. Also, according to research, 60% of Indians seek to work remotely in a flexible pattern. So, wondering how you can make your work from home fun and organized at the same time.

Here are some points which you can follow and improve your productivity:

1. Designated Workspace

Work from home has been introduced as a boon for everyone. It gives us the liberty to work with all the comforts but on the other hand, it has also cost us our productivity. In order, to work without getting distracted it is necessary that you have a designated workspace. It helps you to train your brain to work continuously and you can be more productive. Having one specific place allows you to have a good flow of ideas and perfect discipline while being at home. To make that space more exciting you can choose a few peppy things like a flower pot or a cute painting. Keep all the important things near you so that you do not need to get up again and again.

2. Proper Working Station

Having a desk of your own comfort is everything you want while working from home. A proper workstation provides a healthy vibe and leads to more focus on doing your job. You should always plan your workstation in a way that it has space for everything, such as a computer or laptop, your documents, notepad, charger, and refreshments so you do not have to worry about anything while doing your work. Also, you can plan to keep your desk in a way that while doing a video or conference call there is something beautiful in the background as it provides a good impression. Apart from this, if you have kids at your home then do find an isolated corner so that you can concentrate on your work.

3. Proper Attire

Though work from home has brought a lot more comfort in our lives but working in proper attire is necessary. You should say no to pajamas and always dress properly as it brings you out of that lethargic mode and allows you to work more efficiently. Dressing up formally acts as a natural alarm and helps in keeping you alert throughout the day. You can skip the proper suits and pants and wear something you are comfortable with, but make yourself look presentable as it keeps you disciplined and organized.

4. Best Equipment To Boost Productivity

Everyone wants to be comfortable while working but it does lack productivity at some point. So if you do not want it to happen then apart from doing work with concentration you should have the proper equipment to boost your productivity. Having the right things can help you achieve your daily goals and these include, a good computer or a laptop, the perfect office chair which will keep your back straight, a bookshelf to keep all your documents in one place, and a reliable internet connection for uninterrupted working. Hence, having all these things help you to get maximum efficiency and does not let you lag behind in your daily tasks and activities.

5. Allocate Strict Working Hours

Allocating strict working hours while working from home is very important as it is necessary for your work-life balance. Although, WFH allows you to work from the comfort of your home it does lead to falling into the trap of working for long hours. As a result, employees tend to become unproductive and are tired all the time. Therefore, it is vital that you follow a strict timetable and work according to that as it helps you make time for your family and friends. Moreover, just keep a check that an imbalanced work-life does not create a gap in your life.

6. Take Regular Breaks

We all have heard this “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”, and we have become the same while working from home. When working in the office we are surrounded by our friends and taking breaks is usually scheduled. But working from home we are alone and get engrossed in work so much that we forget to take breaks, that is not good for health as well your productivity. Around 60-70 percent of the population tries to push it after work, which is not good. Therefore, having precise time for your breaks to get hold of your stress and feeling active throughout the day is very important. You should manage your time in a way that you enjoy your work and do not feel lethargic all the time. Hence, making a proper schedule and working accordingly will let you increase efficiency without getting stressed out.

7. Do Give Your Mind Peace

It is essential to give your mind the required peace between this strict schedule. Sometimes, you might get stuck in a situation that you cannot handle, so do not panic and connect with your team. Give yourself time off to get out of those blues and connect with the outside world. Do not get stressed or have anxiety about piled-up work because both stress and tension affect your body and mind, slowing down your capacity to work. Therefore, try to balance out your efficiency at work and also take out time for self-care. You can do this by making a to-do list and working according to that. Also once the work is done then you can write it down so as to motivate yourself to do more things.

8. Good Internet Connection

A bad internet connection is one of the major reasons why people are not allowed to work from home, so it is necessary that you have a good internet connection at home. You should always choose high-speed internet with proper wiring and equipment allowing you to work without any interruption. Many people get laid back in work due to bad connectivity which is not at all good for your profile and comes in the mid of getting success in your respective field. Therefore, you should opt for a connection that has adequate bandwidth to allow you to browse everything without any cuts and breaks.

9. Make a Daily Work Pattern

We all have some of the particular tasks to be completed in a day and it must be ensured that all those things are done at the proper time. Always try to finish the task in the allocated time and do not delay them, as doing that might break your routine. Also, not doing work on time makes them pile up which creates a lot of stress. Organize your daily tasks properly so that you do not lose your productivity. Additionally, making a daily work pattern gives you the idea of time and relieves stress.

10. Say No To Social Media

We all know that social media is the biggest distractor and ends up eating up most of our time. Therefore, it is essential that we do not get stuck within different apps rather than working. Though social media is highly addictive, getting out of that web is the task we need to do. So it is recommended that while working you should try to keep your phone away and only use them if there is something important. Apart from that in your computers and laptops, you can block various sites so as to remove distractions. Besides this, if you are still not able to stop yourself from using those apps then you can fix a proper time duration and develop self-control so that you can become more productive.

Hence, we hope all these essential tips will help you boost your productivity during Work From Home and make remote working easy and fun.

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