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7 Best Games To Enhance Your Data Science Skills

Last Updated : 10 Oct, 2021
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Data Science Skills need your time, efforts, a thorough reading of tutorials, books, blogs, videos, courses, and attending classes – ONLINE or OFFLINE. After you do all this, it is much more obvious to reach some position where tech organizations may offer you some prestigious role related to filtering of data or deriving meaningful patterns for making their products more innovative and also, user-centric. But many a time, it happens that we fail to apply the actual learnings of the fundamental or advanced-level terminologies of Data Science. Is it because you picked up a WRONG COURSE or stuck with the bullet-points of a video with a duration of 48 minutes or more……..


There, you are lacking FUN and improvisation on any of your existing skills related to Data Science like Pattern Recognition, command over languages like Python & JavaScript, & developing and executing a Real-Time Strategy comprising critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. And to access the benefits of such improvisation, it is essential to enter into the world of gaming revolving around visually appealing graphics and challenges that you can WIN or may LOSE in a single or multi-player mode. Curious to know what those games are which can improve or enhance your Data Science skills!! Just take a quick tour of the games below-mentioned and realize how can you access this token-of-improvisation in a fun-loving way.

1. CodinGame

Finding a NEW way to step up your coding experience and improve your programming skills to get noticed by the Data Science recruiters!! CodinGame has come up with a variety of expertise levels for leveling up coding skills like C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and so on. By far, there are single and multi-player modes making this game one of the interesting and suitable choices for coders, Data Science enthusiasts, and the recruiters desperately looking to hire any of them. Thinking if the game is categorized well in EASY, MEDIUM, and HARD sections!! Yes, in a matter of hours, you can discover a lot of BRAND NEW concepts after going through those sections. What else do you now need to perceive insights of like-minded Data Science enthusiasts inspiring a lot of programmers with this raw fun coding game letting you show amongst your friends or co-workers that you could be their UPCOMING BOSS with your coding and other analytical skills?

2. Empire of Code

Empire of Code scientifically is a space exploration game. Primarily, it is for Python coders but if you aren’t well versed with solving coding puzzles, even then you can give it a try participating in this space exploration game. Imagining if I will be rolling on Mars, Jupiter, or Pluto!! Actually, the graphics of this game are so visually appealing that you will feel like rolling out freely on planets but in reality, your mind will be kept BUSY WITH tactics, strategies, and coding tasks. Besides, there are other social networks the game Empire of Code supports which you can join ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, and feel free to seek solutions for Python or JavaScript-related queries. Worried about the game opponents!! For sure, they will give a tough competition but you can still take the lead by building bots and curating interactive content through your ML and AI skills. So, instead of thinking more and wasting precious moments, fill the participation form available on its website and verify the invitation sent to you via email to get started with building your Empire in the game renowned as Empire of Code…

3. Pattern Matrix

Pattern Matrix, as the name suggests, will revitalize your pattern recognition skills. You may now raise a question regarding its relevance in the field of Data Science!! So, the answer is with pattern recognition, you can optimally estimate how close the two events that occurred match in terms of complexity, regularities in their data sets, and irregularities in terms of analysis and visual interpretations. Now coming back to the game Pattern Matrix. As soon as you start the game, you will see tiles comprising 16 boxes. In total, four tiles will be there and from those, you need to click the ones which match in terms of the boxes shaded with colors or without any color. The more you match the patterns correctly, the better will be for you to find the patterns along with a lot of BRAINSTORMING somewhere leading to helpful findings. And later, you may track your progress in this BRAINSTORMER game and analyze if your brain needs more WORKOUT or not!!

4. Conquer and Command

Conquer and Command is an RTS game and a data scientist, data analyst, or any other profile of Data Science can’t expect to survive in absence of RTS. Pondering what RTS is actually!! In simpler terms, RTS is a Real-Time-Strategy through which you can use the existing resources like structures, players to achieve the only purpose of DESTROYING the existence of your opponent team. For executing this manageably, you will be introduced by this game to players of different capabilities. Then, through their support, you will be involved with developing an AWARD-WINNING plus MISSION-CRITICAL strategy to finish the assigned tasks and kiss the trophy of VICTORY as per your expectations. As a result, your brain will become proficient with using its critical and structured thinking skills well even in the toughest times and therefore, claiming all the available victories in your accounts by winning the battles through task completion. All you need to do is become an EARLY MEMBER of this RTS game and learn when and how to command and conquer the castles remastered with legendary soundtracks used in this game.  

5. CodeCombat

CodeCombat, another beginner-friendly educational video game letting hundreds of volunteers (either familiar with Data Science or other fields like Electrical, etc.) brush up their programming concepts and confidently learn to type codes as per the existing business challenges. Contemplating what those programming languages are!! You may start counting like Python, JavaScript, and other web development languages like HTML, CoffeeScript. Indeed, after you create your individual CodeCombat accounts, you need to keep on moving ahead by solving challenges via programming commands and will get a chance to explore many of the buildings with commendable visuals of this educational game. Even teachers can play this along with their students and track any of the student’s progress after reviewing their accounts already created. So, sharpen your Data Science skills with CodeCombat and become industry-ready with its AUTHENTIC learning experience.

6. Data Games

Data Games is a collection of 5 or more games like Proximity, Ship Odyssey, ShuffleBoard, Inference, and a few more. Being an analyzed data-oriented gaming platform, it teaches you well what the importance of data is and how well can you use it to develop confident and impressive winning strategies. From shooting a ball to firing up a CHAINSAW, all these games are bound to making the best use of Mathematics and other data science skills like decision-making, data interpretation, classification, and forecasting of the available datasets. Meditating what will I do if I get stuck while playing any of its games!! There, you can immediately take the help of short videos showing you how well you can play any of the games and then, make the appropriate use of its datasets or other interpretations like graphs for developing strategies stacked with WIN-WIN situations. 

7. Math WorkOut

Working Out on Mathematics is really important if you want to enhance the ability of your brain to understand the implications of Data Science in real life. To make this happen well, Math WorkOut is there to enhance your Mental Math. With such an aid, you can identify well the hidden patterns in your Data Science projects and then, create Algos. strengthened by the notions of Probability/ Statistics. Curious to know how this game is played!! As soon as you open it up, there will be questions like 12รท 3, 4 – 1, 3 * 3, etcetera. After you answer this, the game asks, ” Do you find this hard, simple, or mid-level complex?” As per your answer, it tells which side of your brain works the most and if you are emotionally WEAK/ STRONG. Later, you will get suggestions related to how sooner can you optimize your ability to calculate the mathematical computations wandering around your eyes. And for sure, it will speed up your ability to create or modify the DS i.e. Data Science Algorithms somewhere demanding the notions of CALCULUS. 

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