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6 Tips to develop Convincing Skills

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It is quite a tough job to be a human resource professional since this profession requires you to be highly practical, and you must possess strong interpersonal skills to resolve intricate business problems involving the company’s most crucial and active resource. You have to become a bridge between different users with vibrant perspectives on a single thing. It would be best to learn how to convince people to get on the same page to benefit everyone and the organization. Developing such compelling skills requires excellent practice and knowledge. With a few essential tips, you can cut short your trip to success and achieve your goals quickly. This article will help you develop excellent persuasive skills to navigate the corporate world.

6 Tips to develop Convincing Skills


Six Tips to develop excellent Convincing Skills

Now you know how difficult it is to generate excellent persuasive skills, which is inevitable for HR managers. If you need help connecting and convincing people, we are here to help you. These six tips will help you break through people’s understanding and help them achieve excellent coordination and cooperation.

1. Create a good impression

If you want to create a good relationship with people, you need to make an excellent first impression in front of them. People often like to work with those whom they want and perceive as likeable personalities because they quickly create a bond with them. After creating a bond with people, things become much more accessible. You can easily express your opinion, understand their views, and bring uniformity to your actions. You don’t have to put great effort into coordination as it comes effortlessly. 

2. Be Adaptive

As we already know, different people have different points of view about a single thing. It also means they could have different reactions and behaviours, which the HR manager must understand. HR personnel needs to be adaptive to dynamic behaviours to bring uniform actions. Being adaptive will also help HR managers develop more effective skills, will make the work environment healthy, employees will be satisfied, and there will be less resistance to change. 

3. Go for the benefit of all

Every person seeks benefits from whatever they do. If the HR manager’s solution benefits them, they will quickly agree. Hence, every HR manager needs to go for everyone’s benefit and bring a solution that can change the lives of many people. HR managers need to align the organization’s goals with the individual goals so that goals of both can be achieved. Creating a win-win situation brings greater convenience to persuading others.

4. Don’t have prejudice

If you seek to convince people, you must not have any prejudice against anything. You have to be open and accept the uniqueness of people. You must also bring personalization to approaching individuals to attain great trust and empathy. HR personnel should respect people’s different identities and provide them with their existence while maintaining the team’s efforts.

5. Focus on what you say

Your words have greater power than you can imagine. A single word can win you a great deal, while a single word can bring your efforts down. This makes it essential to measure what you say and how you present things in front of others. No matter who you deal with, whether an employee or a shareholder, it would be best to grasp the power of words to influence others.

6. Pay Attention

Pay attention to everything, from how the person speaks to whatever they tell you. If you know how to be a good listener and observer, you can attain greater persuasive power over others. You can understand the person better through their gestures and words. You can judge their confidence and motivation level and solve intricate problems quickly.

What gives a wrong impression?

Now you have six handy tips to convince people. As an HR manager, there are various vital things that you should note that can affect your impression negatively in front of people. Knowing what you should not do to avoid a wrong impression will help you bring success. A few things that can negatively impact your persuasiveness are: 

  • Do not avoid listening to others’ perspectives, thinking you are right. Sometimes convincing can become more of a negotiation, which can open your mind. You might gain significant knowledge about people by listening to them.
  • Do not act biased towards people because it can hurt their sentiments. As we already know, humans are emotional beings, and even a bit of bias could create the wrong impression in front of others. It can enhance the chances of disputes.
  • You need to create balance in your nature. Being 100% formal could make things rigid and decrease understanding, and being highly informal can create great chances of indiscipline and even brutal conflicts between people.


Every HR manager must know and exercise these tips to create a healthy working environment where every employee is motivated and content. Following these tips will help an HR manager convince the employees and other external parties. An organization with such employees successfully builds an innovative and creative business environment. 

Last Updated : 23 May, 2023
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