Axtria interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

Profiles: TECH ANALYST AND BUSINESS ANALYST Initial->Percentage based shortlisting(>65%) Round1- >Cocubes test consisting of 3 sections: Section1: Questionnaire(What do you know about Axtria,How would you contribute to it etc) and 1 main question->Explain a situation in which you worked in a team and showed your teamwork skills to overcome a problem->20 mins Section2: English(1 rc,fill… Read More »

Oracle Interview Experience | Set 20 (On-Campus for Oracle Financial Services Software)

OFSS visited our campus for recruiting associate application developer . There were 3 rounds in all 1) online test 2) technical interview 3) HR interview 1) Online Test     The test broadly consisted of 4 sections     – Coding outputs (mainly trees, AVL trees)     – English (Grammar,RC)     – Computer Science subjects (DBMS,OS,DS)    … Read More »

Length of the longest valid substring

Given a string consisting of opening and closing parenthesis, find length of the longest valid parenthesis substring. Examples: Input : ((() Output : 2 Explanation : () Input: )()()) Output : 4 Explanation: ()() Input: ()(())))) Output: 6 Explanation: ()(())) We strongly recommend you to minimize your browser and try this yourself first. A Simple… Read More »

Worms ,Viruses and beyond !!

This article introduces some very basic types of malicious content which may harm your PC  in some way or the other.. The Threat The computer systems may become a victim of virus, worm, hacking etc types of attacks. The computer systems may crash, sensitive data can be stolen and misused or driver problems may arise… Read More »

Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 71 (Off-Campus)

Written test: They conducted written test in HackerRank and an hour duration. They asked me to implement the functions for the following two problems. 1) Maximum product Sum of an Array. 2) Building bridges problem. Technical Interview 1: He is very friendly and given hints to me while solving problems. 1) First he… Read More »