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A Step by Step Guide for Placement Preparation | Set 1

Campus placements season is beginning at almost all the colleges and each one of us wants to prepare to do the best. A lot of students have been asking on different forums “How to use GeeksforGeeks for placement preparation”? In this article, a step by step guide for placement preparation is discussed. Steps Aptitude Test… Read More »

Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 17 (On-Campus for Analyst)

Goldman Sachs recently came to our college for Full-time and intern hiring for analyst position. I appeared for FTE position, here’s my experience. Round 1: 15 MCQ questions of moderate level hosted on hackerrank. 1 coding question : given an array of strings and characters, make the largest string possible. The resultant string should be… Read More »

Find Shortest distance from a guard in a Bank

Given a matrix that is filled with ‘O’, ‘G’, and ‘W’ where ‘O’ represents open space, ‘G’ represents guards and ‘W’ represents walls in a Bank. Replace all of the O’s in the matrix with their shortest distance from a guard, without being able to go through any walls. Also, replace the guards with 0… Read More »

Stein’s Algorithm for finding GCD

Stein’s algorithm or binary GCD algorithm is an algorithm that computes the greatest common divisor of two non-negative integers. Stein’s algorithm replaces division with arithmetic shifts, comparisons, and subtraction. Examples: Input: a = 17, b = 34 Output : 17 Input: a = 50, b = 49 Output: 1 Algorithm to find GCD using Stein’s… Read More »

Simple Multithreaded Download Manager in Python

Introduction A Download Manager is basically a computer program dedicated to the task of downloading stand alone files from internet. Here, we are going to create a simple Download Manager with the help of threads in Python. Using multi-threading a file can be downloaded in the form of chunks simultaneously from different threads. To implement… Read More »

Geek on the Top – Nafis Sadique | Seniors should take the responsibility to introduce the junior students to the world of programming

Geek on the top is all about success stories of Geeks who are working hard to chase their goals and are inspiration for other geeks. This article introduces another extremely talented Geek from our neighborhood country – Nafis Sadique. Nafis is a codeforces grandmaster  and ACM-ICPC world finalist from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh and a true… Read More »

HP R&D Interview Experience | Set 4 (R&D Lab Bangalore)

First round: 20 Aptitude Questions 22 Technical Questions and 8 OOPS Questions(CPP or Java). NO CODING QUESTIONS. Level of both Aptitude and Technical was tough. Second Round:TECHNICAL( Lasted about 45 mins-1 hour) Storage classes; SET bits in a number; puzzles on tanks;pointers; OSI MODEL; Linked list coding; fork(); vfork() ; semaphore; mutex; Talk about project and resume’… Read More »

Directi Interview | Set 13

There was coding round on CodeChef for 3 hours duration. You cannot use custom test cases within their IDE or edit your code after running. Coding Problem 1 Amanada, a school kid, is learning English alphabets. Her teacher devised a small game to make the task fun. A grid of ‘m’ rows and ‘n’ columns… Read More »

Iterator Functions in Python | Set 1

Perquisite: Iterators in Python Python in its definition also allows some interesting and useful iterator functions for efficient looping and making execution of the code faster. There are many build-in iterators in the module “itertools“. This module implements a number of iterator building blocks. Some useful Iterators : 1. accumulate(iter, func) :- This iterator takes… Read More »

Amazon Interview Experience | Set 301(On-Campus for Internship+ FTE)

Round 0: (Written): 20 MCQs + 2 Coding Questions: MCQs – Topics: OS – Page fault, Waiting time (RR Scheduling), Paging, Semaphores, etc. DS – Hashing (simple chaining based numerical) Aptitude – 1 Probability question, Puzzle – 1 question, C– 2 questions, etc. Coding Questions: Given a list of n strings group all anagrams together Example:… Read More »

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