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World Soil Day – Theme, History and Significance

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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World Soil Day is globally celebrated on the 5th of December every year with the aim to raise awareness about the significance of healthy soil. The recommendation to celebrate the day internationally was made by the International Union of Soil Science (IUSS) in the year 2002.

5 December was chosen to be observed as World Soil Day because the date marks the birthday of Thailand’s King known as HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej who had formally proposed this event.

In 2021, on 5 December the day was celebrated with the theme “Halt soil salinization, enhance soil production“.

Why is World Soil Day Celebrated?

The main objective behind observing this day is to spread awareness about the importance of soil, a healthy ecosystem for living, and to discuss the topics such as soil management, soil salinization, erosion, etc.

The day also highlights the growing issues due to population expansion and how it affects the land. It proposes to reduce the erosion of soil, maintain its fertility and ensure food safety on a global scale. World Soil Day is celebrated to bring people’s attention to the importance of healthy soil and with that, its objectives stress the adaption of sustainable management of soil resources.

The day was celebrated in more than 100 countries through 560 different events in the year 2019 with the theme, ‘Stop Soil Erosion, Save our Future’.

What is the Background of World Soil Day?

The proposal to establish World Soil day was put forward by the International Union of Soil Sciences which was later supported by The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO).

The initiative was then established under the leadership of Thailand’s King. December 5, 2014, was declared to be celebrated as the first official World Soil Day.

What are the Significances of Celebrating World Soil Day?

In the present ecosystem, the condition of the soil is getting poorer which is leading to its degradation and raising environmental issues. These issues need to be addressed and advocated in a proper manner on a global level. That is why the day is celebrated to draw the attention of nations and the general population to look into these unattained matters.

Looking up our heads into the sky we never understood the significance of what’s just under our feet. The soil is one of the most essential elements provided by the nature to nurture life on earth. There are a high variety of soils available on the earth’s surface, each having its own unique characteristics. Humans can play a significant role in mitigating climatic changes and harms associated with them by ensuring that the soil beneath us stays healthy.

In order to protect the soil regenerative agriculture practices are essential. The agricultural sector should adopt precision farming techniques to ensure efficient nutrient supply and sequester carbon in the soil to get a proper understanding of the soil and help in its healing. This can help to improve and manage the quality of the soil. And, by joint participation of society, we can recover and protect our soil.

Hence, to raise awareness about the need and importance of healthy, uneroded soil and to adopt long-term soil management systems for soil resources.

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