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Who is the Founder of Telegram?

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Telegram is a widely used cross-platform messaging application that is utilized for its superior privacy and encryption features. Telegram’s security and privacy are trusted because the service’s API is open-sourced and accessible for valuation and integration by any developer around the globe. End-to-end encryption, large file sizes, and self-destructive messages are the biggest selling points of the application. It provides the facility for large group chats. The application is live on multiple platforms. The version of the app is accessible for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. 

Telegram’s presence in 2013 was implanted by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, then residents of Russia. Pavel Durov, the running CEO of the application also founded the Russian social network “VKontakte” popularly mentioned as VK. Pavel introduced VK in 2006 and held the position of chief executive for 7 years before walking out due to a convoluted series of events. VK as a social platform is one of a kind like Russia’s Facebook. 

About the Company

The second most visited website in the country faced issues regarding differences in ideologies. It instantly located itself in a threat position to the Kremlin structure. While sailing through the years as CEO at VK, Durov was overwhelmed with appeals and threats pouring from the Russian authorities to shut down some selected pages on the social media platform. Durov stood to affirm and denied appeals, backing the situation with the rationality that business is more crucial rather than politics for him. Circumstances started to weaken for his good. Growth for him and his organization seemed to be hampered, Pavel Durov fled the country to sideline any needless arrest. With time, he resurfaced in the headline with his “TELEGRAM” “– the very new messaging service. Around April 2014, Durov resigned. 

He sold his 12 percent share under the VKontakte company and bid goodbye to Russia for good. During the initial phases of Telegram, it only had file sharing and messaging features, and availability was restricted for the iOS app store download. Nikolai, Pavel’s elder brother, former CTO VKontakte, technologically advanced Telegram by adding the data transfer protocol within the application. Telegram is registered as a business organization in the United Kingdom, with head offices located in Dubai. The messaging application is well-curated to provide maximum netting from any third-party intrusions or bugs. With the passing years, the instant messaging application Telegram introduced multiple new features for instance: voice and video calling, chatbots, Customizable design, secret chats, and other conveniences based on the platform user’s requirements.

Early Life and Education

Pavel Durov’s childhood drops back to Turin, where he grew up with his family. Originally Durov belonged to Leningrad. His father was working in Turin to run his family. Around 2006 he graduated from Saint Petersburg state university. He graduated with flying colors and secured a first-class degree with a domain in the Philosophy department. The best illustration of Pavel Durov’s initial years can be experienced in the novel “ The Durov Code”.

Pavel Durov’s grandfather was part of the 65th Infantry regiment. His contribution to World war -II is well accepted and recognized. He was part of battles fought at Krasnogorsky, Garchinsky, and several other major events. He was awarded by the state several times, for example, he received The Order of the red star and The order of the patriotic war level-1. Pavel Durov’s father is a doctor specializing in Philological Sciences. His prolific writing skills are visible in numerous academic papers. He also got the opportunity to hold the position of head of the department under the field of Physiology of Philological faculty at Saint Petersburg State University. Description regarding his mother is not very much open to the world of media. 

Net Worth

Durov was recognized under the Forbes Billionaire List in 2022, with a net worth of $15.1 billion. His prosperity is majorly recognized by his possession of Telegram. Currently, in 2022 Durov was acknowledged as the 112th richest person around the globe.
Personal Life: Durov is not a married man, and has two children. He resides in Dubai. He acquired United Arab Emirates citizenship in early 2021. Durov describes himself as a libertarian, vegetarian, and teetotaler. Durov asserts to have an ascetic life, he promotes freedom from personal possessions.

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Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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