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What is tally?

Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2024
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Tally is a counting method using vertical marks to represent quantities, scores, or occurrences.

Tally is a numerical counting system that employs vertical marks, known as tally marks, to represent quantities, scores, or occurrences. Each individual mark typically corresponds to one unit, and after counting four marks, the fifth mark is drawn diagonally across the previous four to indicate the completion of a set of five. This grouping simplifies counting and tracking, making it easier to keep a record of large quantities. Tallying is widely used in various fields such as voting, record-keeping, surveys, and any situation where a quick and visual method of counting is needed. It provides a straightforward and efficient way to represent and comprehend numerical data.

Tally is a counting system where each vertical mark represents a unit, and every fifth mark is crossed diagonally, simplifying counting and tracking. It’s commonly used for record-keeping, surveys, or tallying votes.

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