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10 Ways to Use Slack for Effective Communication

Last Updated : 09 Apr, 2024
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Many different productivity tools help a person to work nicely and more effectively with a team. These tools help a lot when it comes to working effectively and more efficiently. Selecting a good tool is all about finding the right tool that is suitable for your work. Slack is one such tool that has been quite useful. It is such a powerful tool that has been a hit that has been a revolutionary tool for communication within various organizations.

It helps to bring people together. This is great for businesses and big enterprises to work in a great collaborative way. When a person works in a team, the quality of work goes up and the team gives results that are much better for the business as well as for the team members. Slack is easy to use and has great features that have made it one of the top platforms today.

10 Ways to Use Slack for Effective Communication

There are many different features in Slack and all of these features are unique and offer something amazing for everyone using the platform:

1. Channels

Channel Creation

These are like the backbone of the platform. What is a channel? Well, a Channel is a type of group that allows the user to organize the discussion around a single topic, it could be some projects that are near the deadline, etc. They can also be used to give important updates to the team. You can select channels from the side activity bar.

First, select “Home” and the home section of the activity bar will appear. Now click on “Channels” and you’ll get the option to add a new channel. Type the name and you’re good to go.

2. Using Zoom within the App

Using Zoom in Slack

One great feature of Slack is the integration of apps on the platform through the medium of apps. You can access the apps from the activity bar. Once the app store is open, you can search for Zoom. Why Zoom? Because it is the most popular way to connect with the team. The quality that Zoom provides is one of the best among the products available in the market.

Add Zoom to your Slack platform by logging into your Zoom account and you’ll now have the option to connect your Slack members straight on a Zoom call.

3. Direct Messages (DMs)

Direct Messages

This is another great way to use Slack effectively. You can send direct messages to your team members. This is useful when you want to talk personally to a member about some confidential information or want to share some media-like images that you don’t want others to see. DMs can be accessed from the “Home” section of the activity bar on the direct message option. It is a great way to use DMs to ensure quality conversation.

4. Using Calendar

Using Calendar

This is another great option. From the Apps, you can search any calendar app. The best is Google Calendar. By calendar, you can use set date timing, set reminders and send meeting reminders to all the team members, all in a single place. Google Calendar works with your Google accounts and syncs all the information on the cloud so that you don’t have to worry about losing it. 

5. Using Polls

Polls are a great way to ensure that you know what the team thinks about anything that you may want to know about, like say you want to ask about a certain thing all the team members and it is not possible to ask all the hundreds of members at the same time. For this reason, you can put a poll. You can get the poll option again from the apps. You just need to search “Polls” and find whatever app you like and it will be connected to your Slack in a few seconds.

6. Using Emojis

Using Emojis

Emojis for many is an immature way to connect but is it so? Well, emojis are not immature and it is quite easy to use and convey your message to your team members. You can find emojis below, the area where you type your text. You can use them to enhance the texts and convey the message with more reality. All the major emojis are available at Slack but you should know which emoji should be used and when.

7. Setting Reminders

Setting Reminders

Another great way, you set reminders for the text itself that may have some information such as a task to be followed at a certain time so that the text that may have some information may remind all the team members. It is great especially if you work at a close deadline daily and want your team to work on time and give you high productivity. Click on the text and from the drop down menu, select, “Remind me about this” and select your time of the reminder.

8. Using Dropbox

Using Dropbox

Dropbox is a great cloud platform that allows anyone to put together different materials such as images, videos, etc. You can use Dropbox on Slack as a way to share work. After connecting with your Slack account, you can share any material with your team. Material such as images and videos can easily be shared with all the team members at the same time. For this, you need to have a Dropbox account as it just connects with your Slack account.

9. Accessing Loom

Access loom

Loom is another great tool that allows you to record all the conversation that happens on Slack. It can be used as a way to train new interns about how teamwork is done on Slack. Loom is not just any other screen recorder though as it also comes with major editing features such as clipping and cutting.

10. Using Audio Recording

Using Audio Recording

You can share instructions for any task as recorded audio or any other information. This is another effective way to use Slack for effective communication. The quality recorded depends on your hardware so it is important to invest in good quality hardware so that the voice is crisp and easy to understand. Using audio is better than messages in many ways that it allows you to connect with the team on a more personal level.


Slack is more than just a normal tool, it’s a platform that can enhance collaboration and productivity. By using Slack, you can take your teamwork to the next level and enhance the productivity of your team to the next level. Whether it is by Video calling them or by giving them the option to use a poll, Slack has all the right tools to take the best work from your team.

You can create different channels to talk about each aspect of your business using Slack. It is truly a great platform for everyone especially for the employees because it gives them the option to share their voice with all of the team together. You can sign up for Slack and then use your email ID or can also log in with the help of your Google account so you don’t have to work about signing in again and again by typing a password.

FAQs – 10 Ways to Use Slack for Effective Communication

Is Slack easy to use? 

Yes, it is one of the easiest productivity platforms to use. It is a great option even for those who are new to productivity tools and do not know much about them. Its ease of use is what makes it so popular. The large number of features that it provides also makes it a great option.

Is Slack paid?

Slack is both available as a free tool as well as paid with additional features. With Slack, you have four options such as Free, Pro, Business + and Enterprise Gold. The pro starts at $8.75 per month and goes up with more versions that have more features for the users. It all depends on your needs like if you want to stay on the free version or want to move towards the paid one.

How many apps are available on Slack?

There are many apps available on the platform. It is difficult to get an accurate number because they are quite big in number and new apps are constantly adding to the list. You can also communicate with your team members regarding which app is the most suitable for your teammates so that all can use an app that everyone is comfortable with.

Is using platforms like Slack good for productivity? 

Yes, these tools are great because they offer great features when it comes to unique features and also usability. They help different members of the team to work together as a team. It is very easy to learn and anyone can learn it within a few days and master it as a user.

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