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Google Chat Introduces Cross Platform Messaging With Slack, Microsoft Teams, More

Last Updated : 23 Apr, 2024
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Gone are the days of siloed communication! Google Chat’s new cross-platform messaging breaks barriers, enabling you to chat directly with colleagues on platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack. This feature, powered by Google Workspace and Mio, allows businesses to achieve a new level of collaboration and streamline workflows.

Read In Short:

  • Unified Communication: Chat with anyone, regardless of their platform.
  • Better Collaboration: Streamline communication and teamwork across organizations.
  • Simplified Workflow: No more app switching – stay focused on your work.


What is Google Cross-Platform Messaging?

Google Chat’s cross-platform messaging is a game-changer for businesses. It lets you chat directly with people on Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and more – all within Google Chat. Imagine collaborating seamlessly without switching apps! This interoperability powered by Mio breaks down communication barriers and boosts productivity. It’s a revolutionary step towards a truly unified messaging platform.

What is Mio License?

A Mio license acts as a key to unlock Google Chat’s exciting new world of cross-platform messaging. It’s a separate license required alongside your Google Workspace subscription. Essentially, Mio acts as a bridge, allowing Google Chat to connect and translate messages securely between itself and platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack. This eliminates the need for multiple apps and fosters seamless communication across different workspaces.

How Does Google Chat’s Cross-platform Messaging Work?

  1. Power of Mio: This feature relies on a third-party service called Mio. Think of Mio as a bridge that connects Google Chat to other platforms.
  2. Subscription & License: You’ll need a Google Workspace subscription for your team and a separate Mio license to activate cross-platform messaging.
  3. Familiar Interface: The beauty lies in its simplicity. You don’t need to switch apps! Initiate chats with users on platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack directly within your Google Chat interface.
  4. Seamless Connection: When you send a message, Mio translates it and delivers it securely to the recipient on the other platform.
  5. Unified Experience: Messages, attachments, and formatting are maintained during the translation, ensuring a smooth experience for everyone involved.

What Platforms Does Google Chat Integrate With?

Google Chat’s cross-platform messaging is currently expanding the boundaries of communication, offering integration with several popular business platforms. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Current Integrations: As of now, Google Chat connects with industry leaders like Microsoft Teams and Slack. This allows you to chat directly with colleagues using these platforms without leaving your familiar Google Chat environment.
  • Future Integrations: The future looks bright for even more unified communication. Google is actively adding support for additional platforms like Zoom Team Chat. Their commitment suggests a continuous effort to create a truly unified messaging platform.

So, while the current list focuses on Microsoft Teams and Slack, stay tuned for upcoming additions that will further break down communication barriers.

How to Chat with Microsoft Teams Users from Google Chat?

Here’s how to chat with Microsoft Teams users directly from Google Chat in just a few steps:

Step 1: Cross-Platform Messaging Enabled

Make sure your organization has activated Google Chat’s cross-platform messaging feature through a Mio license (along with a Google Workspace subscription).

Step 2: Familiar Interface

No need to download new apps! Open your Google Chat interface, the one you already use for regular chats.

Step 3: Start a Chat

Just like you would with any Google Chat contact, simply enter the email address of the Microsoft Teams user you want to chat with.

Step 4: Easy Communication

Google Chat, powered by Mio, will handle the rest. Your message will be securely translated and delivered to the recipient on Microsoft Teams.

Step 5: Start Chating

Enjoy a smooth conversation with your Microsoft Teams colleague directly within your Google Chat window

How to Chat with Slack Users from Google Chat?

Chatting with Slack users from Google Chat follows a similar process as connecting with Microsoft Teams users. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Cross-Platform Messaging Activation

Make sure your organization has enabled Google Chat’s cross-platform messaging functionality. This requires a Mio license in addition to a Google Workspace subscription.

Step 2: Launch Google Chat

Open the familiar Google Chat interface where you manage your regular chats.

Step 3: Initiate the Conversation

Just like with any Google Chat contact, simply enter the email address of the Slack user you want to connect with.

Step 4: Mio Takes Over

Behind the scenes, Mio, the third-party service, acts as a bridge. It securely translates your message and delivers it to the recipient on the Slack platform.

Step 5: Unified Communication

Formatting, attachments, and the overall message content are maintained during translation, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and the Slack user.

Step 6: Chat Seamlessly

Now you can have a productive conversation with your Slack colleague directly within your Google Chat window. No more switching apps or missing a beat in your communication!

Benefits of Google Chat Interoperability

This groundbreaking feature offers a plethora of advantages for businesses:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Break down communication barriers and foster seamless collaboration between teams using different platforms.
  • Improved Productivity: Eliminate the need to switch between apps, allowing users to stay focused and maximize productivity.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Simplify communication processes and reduce information silos, leading to a more efficient workflow.
  • Increased User Satisfaction: Empower users to connect with anyone they need to, regardless of platform, leading to greater user satisfaction.

When will Google Chat be Available on Other Platforms?

While Google Chat currently offers integration with Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom Team Chat, and plans to expand further, the specific timeline for additional platforms remains undisclosed. However, Google’s commitment to fostering a more unified communication landscape suggests continued development in this area.

Best Cross-platform Messaging Apps for Business

With Google Chat’s introduction of cross-platform messaging, the landscape of business communication apps is evolving. Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Google Chat: Now boasts seamless integration with other platforms, making it a strong contender for businesses seeking a unified solution.
  • Microsoft Teams: Deep integration with the Microsoft 365 suite makes it a go-to option for organizations heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Slack: Renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust features, Slack remains a popular choice for many businesses.

The “best” app ultimately depends on your specific needs and existing software infrastructure. Google Chat’s cross-platform functionality makes it a compelling option for businesses seeking a versatile and integrated solution.

Is Google Chat Better than Microsoft Teams?

There’s no single “better” option. Both Google Chat and Microsoft Teams offer robust features and cater to different needs. Google Chat excels with its new cross-platform messaging, making it ideal for collaboration across diverse platforms. Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, provides deep integration with Microsoft 365, making it a great choice for organizations already heavily invested in that ecosystem.

Google Chat Cross-Platform Messaging Pricing

Google Chat’s cross-platform messaging doesn’t have a direct price tag since it relies on a separate service. While Google Workspace has its subscription fees, the additional functionality comes from a Mio license. Pricing for Mio licenses might vary depending on your organization’s needs, so it’s best to consult directly with Mio for specific costs.


In conclusion, Google Chat’s innovative cross-platform messaging powered by Mio shatters communication barriers. Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues on Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more – all within the familiar Google Chat interface. This interoperability eliminates app-switching, boosting productivity and creating a truly unified messaging platform for businesses.

FAQs – Google Chat Cross-Platform Messaging Pricing

Is Google Chat the same as Slack?

No, Google Chat and Slack are different business communication platforms, although both offer similar features.

Is there a chat between teams and Google Chat?

Yes, Google Chat’s new cross-platform messaging allows you to chat with people on Microsoft Teams directly within Google Chat.

Does Slack integrate with Microsoft Teams?

No, Slack does not currently integrate directly with Microsoft Teams, but both offer APIs for potential future integrations.

What is the Microsoft version of Google Chat?

Microsoft Teams itself is considered the Microsoft version of Google Chat, offering similar chat functionalities within the Microsoft 365 suite.


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