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Wand path_elliptic_arc() function in Python

  • Last Updated : 10 May, 2020

path_elliptic_arc() is a function specially introduced for paths. path_elliptic_arc() draws an elliptical arc from current point to a particular point we want the arc to drawn to.
Let’s see parameters needed for this function.

Syntax :

wand.drawing.path_elliptic_arc(to, radius, rotation, large_arc, clockwise, relative)


ParameterInput TypeDescription
tosequence or (numbers.Real, numbers.Real)pair which represents coordinates to draw to. or (numbers.Real, numbers.Real)pair which represents the radii of the ellipse to draw.
rotatebooldegree to rotate ellipse on x-axis.
large_arcbooldraw largest available arc.
clockwisebooldraw arc path clockwise from start to target.
relativebooltreat given coordinates as relative to current point.

Example : Draw an elliptical curve.

from wand.image import Image
from wand.drawing import Drawing
from wand.color import Color
with Drawing() as draw:
    draw.stroke_width = 2
    draw.stroke_color = Color('black')
    draw.fill_color = Color('white')
    # Start middle-left
    draw.path_move(to =(10, 100))
    # draw elliptical curve
    draw.path_elliptic_arc(to =(10, 180),
                           radius = (20, 40),
                           rotation = 270,
                           large_arc = True,
                           clockwise = True,
                           relative = True )
    with Image(width = 200, height = 200, background = Color('lightgreen')) as image:
        draw(image) ="pathecurve.png")

Output :

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