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Wand push() and pop() in Python

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We can use ImageMagick’s internal graphic context stack to manage different styles and operations in Wand. There are total four push functions for context stack. 

  • push()
  • push_clip_path()
  • push_defs()
  • push_pattern()

push() function is used to grow context stack and pop() is another function and used to restore stack to previous push.

Syntax : 

# for push()

# for pop()

Parameters : No parameters for push() as well as for pop() function

Example #1: 


from wand.image import Image
from wand.drawing import Drawing
from wand.color import Color
with Drawing() as ctx:
    ctx.fill_color = Color('RED')
    ctx.stroke_color = Color('BLACK')
    ctx.push(), 50), (25, 25))
    ctx.fill_color = Color('YELLOW')
    ctx.stroke_color = Color('GREEN')
    ctx.push(), 150), (125, 125))
    with Image(width = 200, height = 200, background = Color('lightgreen')) as image:
        ctx(image) = "push.png")


Example #2: 


from wand.color import Color
from wand.image import Image
from wand.drawing import Drawing
from wand.compat import nested
from math import cos, pi, sin
with nested(Color('lightblue'),
            Drawing()) as (bg, fg, draw):
    draw.stroke_width = 3
    draw.fill_color = fg
    for degree in range(0, 360, 15):
        draw.push()  # Grow stack
        draw.stroke_color = Color('hsl({0}%, 100 %, 50 %)'.format(degree * 100 / 360))
        t = degree / 180.0 * pi
        x = 35 * cos(t) + 50
        y = 35 * sin(t) + 50
        draw.line((50, 50), (x, y))
        draw.pop()  # Restore stack
    with Image(width = 100, height = 100, background = Color('green')) as img:
        draw(img) = "pushpop.png")



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Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2021
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