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Wand path_close() function in Python

  • Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2021

path_move() is another function included in wand for paths. The main aim of this function is to join the last destination point to the first point in the path. It simply adds a path element to the current path which closes the current subpath by drawing a straight line from the current point to the current subpath’s most recent starting point.

Syntax : draw.path_close()
Parameters : No parameters in this function.

Code :  


# importing wand
from wand.image import Image
from wand.drawing import Drawing
from wand.color import Color
with Drawing() as draw:
    draw.stroke_width = 2
    draw.stroke_color = Color('black')
    draw.fill_color = Color('white')
    # Start middle-left
    draw.path_move(to =(10, 100))
    # Curve across top-left to center
    draw.path_curve(to =(80, 0),
                    controls =[(20, -80), (60, -80)],
                    relative = True)
    # Continue curve across bottom-right
    draw.path_curve(to =(80, 0),
                    controls =(60, 80),
                    smooth = True,
                    relative = True)
    # Join the last destination point to the first point
    with Image(width = 200, height = 200, background = Color('lightgreen')) as image:
        draw(image) = "pathclose.png")



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