Vuram Technology Solutions Interview Experience

Vuram Technologies Solutions – Campus Recruitment – July 2019

Online Test:

  • Three sections – MCQs, Essay Writing, Coding – No Negative Marks
  • MCQs section is consists of Quants, Logical, Technical Aptitude (DS, Predict the output, Spot the error, OS) Approx. 30 questions in 45 minutes.
  • Easy Writing section is only 10 minutes. You are given an easy topic and asked to type it in your own words
  • Coding section consists of 5 simple questions related to Arrays and Strings.

Note: Questions are at easy level but time is limited so attend all the questions.

Technical Round 1 – 1 hour:

  • Tell me about yourself – I started talking and at last I told him about my projects and he started questioning from my projects.
  • He gave a coding question (related to arrays):

Input: 10 15 20 25 30

Task is to sum every two elements – store it & print it and repeat it till it becomes only one value.


10 15 20 25 30

25 45 30

70 30


I coded in O(n2) and without auxiliary space.

  • He asked me real time application questions like
    • You are sending an email to your friend, after typing message you will click send button – What happens if your click send button?
    • Typically, we don’t include any header files in HTML JavaScript, who will take care all this?
  • He gave me a pyramid pattern and asked me a logic:

Technical Round 2 – 45 minutes:

  • Tell me about yourself – I started talking and at last I told him about my best project and he stick with that project – He gave a scenario and asked me to redesign my project. I depicted him with diagrams and technologies.
  • Difference between C and C++
  • Difference between C++ oops and Java oops
  • Which data structure is best for File Directory? And asked me to design it.
  • A string manipulation question – He asked me logic in Java without using Collections.
    • Find frequencies of each character in a string
  • Asked Some other questions on Oops and DS

Technical Round 3 – 45 minutes:

  • Questions on Networks
    • What happen if we entered in address bar in a browser?
    • Who will configure DNS and where is situated?
  • He gave a math question:
    • There are 26 characters and each character has a value and each value get increased by 10 eg: a=3 b=13 c=23 … z
    • Task is to find value of z and sum of all 26 values. I solved it using AP formulas.
  • Sequence of questions on my Skill Set (from my resume)
  • A coding question:
    • Given two dates and task is to count no of days between two dates.
    • Input: 15/11/1999 and 11/02/2001
    • Output: Number of days between 15/11/1999 and 11/02/2001


Thank you

All the best!

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