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VMWare Interview Experience | Set 13 (Staff Engineer – UI)

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I applied through referral. I got call within a week.

Total 7 rounds.

First round was telephonic, asked some basic javascript questions followed by below problem on hackerrank
Find all the pairs of two integers in an unsorted array that sum up to a given S
First round, they won’t check about time and space complexity.

Next day i got mail from recruiter.

Each round is 45 min.

F2F 1:
Write a function to get the intersection point of two Linked Lists. and some basic angular questions like angular structural directive example . RXJS filters

F2F 2:
Difference between angular 1-2.
Different between recursive and iteration
find value in multi dimension array with O(logn)

F2F 3: Quick lunch with hiring manager. He was very friendly. He asked some questions about previous experience and some behavioral questions

F2F 4:
Javascript Promises- example on race, all etc,, ES6 arrow function.
Some problem on callback array loop

F2F 5:
HTTPClient, gave a code snippet on callback and told me to solve using promise.
some basic css questions

Round 6: With architect, telephonic interview.
Binary tree algorithm problem on hackerrank platform
Gave a binary tree and told me to convert it to string without using JSON.stringify and convert it back to binary tree.
I tried to do using traverse method but couldn’t complete in 45 min.


Evening i got email from recruiter that i am not selected for the position. But overall it was a good experience.

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Last Updated : 11 Jun, 2019
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