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Trilogy Innovations Interview Experience for SDE-1(On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2022
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There were Five rounds

  • First Round – Online Round (4 coding questions 2 hrs)
  • Second Round – CCAT
  • Third Round – Telephonic Interview ( Resume Round)
  • Fourth Round – Zoom Call (DSA Round)
  • Fifth Round – Zoom Call (Open-ended Questions)

First Round: There were five questions.

  • One of them was Given an array of length n, and your task is to divide it into k subarrays. The cost of a subarray (i….j) is the (a[i] + a[i + 1]….+a[j])^2. Find the minimum Total Cost.
  • The second was based on segment trees.
  • The third was based on a Disjoint set Union (which was not easy to implement).
  • Last one I didn’t remember.

Second Round: The second round was on a crossover platform. You have to get a score of more than 40 out of 50 in a 15 mins MCQ test.

Third Round: It was a Telephonic Interview.

  • The Interviewer will ask you to Explain one of your personal/Internship projects.
  • They will ask questions about anything related to the project.
  • Mostly they ask questions about which database you used,
  • Why you chose this database,
  • The difference between SQL and NoSQL databases, which one is faster, etc.
  • At last, he asked me if I ever implemented any authorization in any of my projects then he asked me about JWT tokens as mentioned in one of my projects.
  • For this round, prepare thoroughly about your resume and stay ready for these types of questions.
  • After 5 mins, I got mail for the next round, which happened 30 mins after this round.

Fourth Round: It was a DSA Round.

  • The Interviewer introduced himself, then I introduced myself, and he asked me a question which was Given an array a, In one move, you can remove as many as a[i] such that a[i] < a[i-1] for all I >=0 and i<n.
  • You have to find a minimum number of moves so that the array will become non-decreasing.
  • First, I struggled for some time.
  • Then Interviewer gave me some hints, and I figured out the solution and implemented the solution on a google doc.
  • It was just a six lines code to implement.
    After two days, I got the mail from the college for the next round.

Fifth Round: It was a tough round. The Interviewer was a very experienced guy.

  • First, he asked me if I had any questions about the company.
  • He asked me questions like, what is something I have built till now which I am very proud of,
  • What is my most significant achievement till now,
  • and What are my three best qualities which, if he asks my manager of the internship, will tell him and why I think so.
  • After that, he gave me a situation and asked me to pitch a product for the problem and why he should buy it.
  • It was an outstanding experience with this round, but I knew I wouldn’t get through this round. So I received my rejection the next day.

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