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Touchless Touchscreen Technology

  • Last Updated : 31 Jul, 2020

Prerequisite – Touch Screen Technology
Touchless Touchscreen is technology that uses gesturing as form of input. It has no need of touching screen. This technology is high-end technology, that uses hand waves and hand flicks. Objective behind building such technology is making it even more comfortable and convenient for users to use their devices. It does not need touching of screen rather system detects hand movements in front of it by making use of various sensors. This technology looks visually fascinating and is depicted in various Sci-fi movies such as Minority Report and Matrix Revolutions.

Example –
TouchKo made touchless touchscreen monitor. Microsoft Kinect uses touchless touchscreen technology to detect user’s body movements and use it within video game being played.

The touchless touchscreen technology is divided into following parts for its working.

  1. Movement detection –
    This itself is technology that detects change in position of an object with respect to its surrounding and also change in position of surroundings with respect to object. The motion or movement detection can be either mechanical or electronic in nature. This is done by system called motion detector that is used to know changes in positions of objects or their surroundings. Most important element associated with motion detector is sensor located near its screens. It understands changes by their interaction with line of sight that is interrupted in case of any sort of motion.

  2. Optical pattern recognition –
    Optical pattern recognition is system that is based on optical patterns with the help of solid state particle matrix so as to understand and detect motions.

  3. Motion pattern interruption –
    Motion Pattern interruption is sensor. It is connected with digital image processor that interprets motion patterns. The digital image processor sends signals to devices, machinery or appliances. These devices in turn are controlled by making use of electrical signals.

  4. Screen pointing –
    Screen pointing mechanism allows users to point at items and icons present on screen without physically touching screen. This mechanism interprets several human hand gestures to make decision of what task user wants to perform.

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