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Top 15 AI Website Builders For UI UX Designers

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Artificial intelligence (AI) website builders are a new breed of tools that have been created as a result of the confluence of AI and UI/UX design. These ground-breaking tools provide UI/UX designers the freedom to combine creativity with automation, transforming how websites are conceived, created, and maintained.


Website builders give designers the chance to automate workflows, improve design accuracy, and produce user-friendly digital experiences by utilizing AI’s capabilities. These platforms have the power to influence the direction of web design going forward, from intelligent design recommendations to fluid responsive layouts.

What are Website Builders?

Website Builders are online software platforms that are used to create websites without the knowledge of coding. These platforms provide a user-friendly interface and a wide range of templates from which a customer can select the needed template and customize it according to his requirements. These platforms are gaining significant popularity nowadays because every small or big business wants to make its presence online.

Top AI Website Builders For UI UX Designers

AI Websites builders are very popular among users because they give a very unique and significant result to the user which is quite impressive in design. There is no need for learning coding as well to create amazing designs and there are many templates available for different purposes as well. Also, there are various platforms for creating designful websites, here are the top AI website builders that every UI/UX designer must know

1. Framer

Framer is a fantastic website builder for designers because it allows you to change your websites in a similar way to how you would edit a Figma file. Effortlessly bring your dream website to life without the need for programming. Framer AI offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform that empowers you to craft stunning websites from scratch. With ease, you can incorporate animations, interactions, and even a content management system (CMS). Ideal for small businesses, freelancers, and agencies, this tool allows you to create, host, and manage impressive websites, all without requiring any prior coding experience.

2. Durable

Create your website in a mere 30 seconds, thanks to the power of AI. This solution is tailor-made for individuals seeking a professional or business-oriented online presence. In my experience, its outcomes have surpassed even those of Framer. With just a few simple adjustments, you’ll be prepared to launch your site. Isn’t that remarkable? This AI builder stands out as one of the most pertinent options available.

3. 10Web

Here’s another user-friendly AI tool that designers will find incredibly convenient. Imagine this scenario: utilizing AI to establish a WordPress website and then fine-tuning it with the Elementor editor. That’s precisely what this tool offers! What makes it even better is its seamless integration with WordPress, the platform powering nearly half of all websites. This approach represents the simplest and most efficient way to rapidly create webpages.

4. Dora AI

With the motto “One prompt, one remarkable website,” Dora AI has your website creation needs sorted. It stands at the forefront of integrating AI into the website building process. Although it hasn’t been officially released yet, the glimpses we’ve seen so far are quite impressive. I’m eagerly anticipating that it lives up to the promising visuals showcased in the videos. If you’re as intrigued as I am, you can join their waitlist on their website.

5. Kleap

Kleap not only constructs your website using AI but also assists you in selecting the most appropriate words and images. It offers a perfect blend for designers, sparing them from the need to code the website while crafting compelling copy that resonates with the client’s target audience. Furthermore, Kleap provides analytics tracking and ensures an aesthetically pleasing and responsive design, particularly on mobile devices.

If you are interested in learning How to make your own website, please refer to this article: 100 Days of Web Development – A Complete Guide For Beginners

6. Hocoos

With Hocoos, you can effortlessly create an impressive website within minutes, all by responding to just 8 straightforward questions. This approach ensures that your website is not only more personalized but also precisely tailored to your project’s unique needs. While it may involve a bit more complexity than merely providing a prompt, the result is a highly detailed and fully customized AI-generated website.

7. Unbounce

Unbounce, a renowned platform for constructing landing pages, harnesses AI to design your pages, craft your copy, and fine-tune your traffic for maximum efficiency. Achieve a 30% increase in conversions with these high-performing landing pages. Unbounce’s AI-driven landing page creation and optimization tool empowers you to construct campaigns that not only convert better but also offer the scalability needed to expand your marketing efforts limitlessly.

8. Colorming

Thanks to AI advancements, not only has website development become more accessible, but you can also effortlessly discover the ideal color scheme for your project. Colormind is your solution for finding the perfect color palette. This AI tool draws inspiration from photographs, films, and artworks to curate an extensive database of color palettes. Whether you prefer to upload a photo or seamlessly incorporate these color schemes into your website or app pages, Colormind is the go-to resource for web and UI/UX designers in search of visually captivating and harmonious color schemes.

9. PatternedAI

Utilize the power of AI to produce one-of-a-kind patterns for your products! Discover and craft countless royalty-free patterns suitable for any surface, courtesy of our intuitive AI tool. Streamline the process of designing unique patterns for your products with unparalleled ease. Just supply your prompts and witness as our generator breathes life into your vision, all without any royalty constraints. Elevate your designs today with personalized patterns.

10. Runway

Runway stands as a pioneer in the realm of applied AI research, forging the path for the future of art, entertainment, and human creativity. Embark on a journey through an exceptional assortment of AI tools that promise to redefine and elevate your creative workflow. From video generation to text-to-video conversion, object removal from videos, text-to-image transformation, and image expansion — the horizons of possibilities are limitless. Harness the true potential of AI and propel your projects to unprecedented heights. Elevate your creativity with the power of artificial intelligence.

11 Khroma

Lets you Design with your favorite colors.Khroma employs AI to understand your color preferences and generates an endless array of palettes for your exploration, search, and preservation. Selecting the perfect color palette is a pivotal facet of design, and this is where Khroma excels. These resources assist you in crafting and selecting color palettes through AI algorithms, simplifying the process of color choice. With these aids, you can craft visually captivating and harmonious designs that deeply connect with your intended audience.

12. Uizard

Create captivating interfaces in mere minutes. Uizard, the world’s most user-friendly design and ideation tool, is driven by the power of AI. No prior design experience is necessary! Uizard stands as a potent AI companion specifically tailored for prototyping, streamlining the UI design process for both mobile apps and websites. It proves indispensable for designers, enabling rapid transformation of your concepts into functional prototypes, ultimately saving you precious time and effort during the initial phases of the design journey.

13. GeniusAI

Elevate your UI design game with GeniusUI, the AI-driven UI component generator. GeniusUI is dedicated to enhancing efficiency. This solution provides personalized UI components at an accelerated pace, simplifying and expediting your design workflow. Thanks to GeniusUI, you can allocate more time to the creative aspects of your work, delegating the repetitive tasks to your reliable AI-powered assistant.

14. Designs.AI

Effortlessly craft logos, videos, banners, and mockups within just 2 minutes using AI. Designs AI serves as a comprehensive AI-powered solution tailored for both novice web designers and anyone seeking to swiftly generate stunning templates. This tool seamlessly brings together content creation for a wide range of users, simplifying the task of ensuring design consistency throughout your projects.

15. Jimbo

Jimbo is something similar to Hocoos, which ask some questions to you about the style and goals about the need of your website and based on your preferences it will create a website for you. It also has all the features require to create a website end to end from creating website to the domain.


AI is something which is very powerful and handy whenever needed but at the same time we should know its limitations. While AI tools can never fully substitute human emotions and the unique contributions that designers offer, they certainly have the potential to enhance the designer’s role. They achieve this by automating repetitive tasks and affording designers more time for heightened productivity and creativity. These AI tools are indispensable assets for designers, equipping them to craft the most impactful and refined versions of their designs. However, it’s crucial to recognize that UI/UX design services extend beyond AI tools. We place our faith in the strength of human creativity, intuition, and an innate comprehension of user requirements to deliver exceptional design solutions.

FAQs – AI Website Builders For UI/UX Designers

1. What are the top AI Website Builders?

Here are the list of top AI website Builders that you should know

1. Framer
2. Durable
3. 10Web
4. Dora AI
5. Kleap

2. What are AI Website Builders?

AI website builders are web development platforms that uses AI algorithms to simplify the process of creating and designing websites.

3. What are the advantage of using AI website builders?

The advantage of these builders are faster website creation and reduce dependency on coding skills with personalize content and designs by automating the workflow..

Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2023
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