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Ace Your Next Online Interview with These 15 Expert Tips

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For the past few years, job interviews online have seen tremendous popularity Online Job Interviews can be considered the new normal in the recruitment world. Indeed, various leading employers like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. are using online job interviews for their recruitment process. Moreover, Online Interview seems to be quite comfortable for job seekers as they can attend the interview right from their home or any other preferred place. However, there are a few challenges also that come up with Interviews online but if you prepare well and follow the right approaches then you’ll get the desired results. 


Best Tips for Acing Your Next Video Interview

Statistically, more than half of the companies are using Online Interviews as a part of their recruitment process. Meanwhile, Online Interviews are more convenient and cost-effective in comparison to traditional in-person interviews as it saves a lot of time, reduce the expenses involved in the interview process, remove geographical barriers, etc for both – the candidates and the employers. Now the question arises – How can you prepare for Online Job Interviews? Let’s take a look:

1. Get Familiar With Technology

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do while preparing for video Interviews – to get familiar with the required technology and equipment for Online Interviews. It will make you feel comfortable with the tech resources during the online interview. Moreover, nothing can be worst than if you find out that your system or other resources aren’t functioning right during the online interview, hence you must ensure that your Computer System, Internet Connection, etc, are working properly and compatible with the software that’ll be used for the online interview. Meanwhile, you’re also recommended to create a distraction-free environment for the interview with appropriate lighting, etc.

2. Pick a Perfect Place to Sit

It is important that you sit at the right place for giving an online interview, with a good internet connection, proper lighting, and fine background. Yes, it is right that soft and natural light gives calmness but during the interview, your face must be in light so that the person can see your facial expressions clearly. Avoid light exactly over your head as it will scatter and give a dark effect, rather than choose light positioned in front of you to give an even tone. However, natural light is best if your interview is in the morning then you can sit in front of a window. Other factors, such as a good internet connection, are quite necessary as a poor connection will gives a bad impact, therefore, make sure to sit at the spot with the best internet connection. Also, the background must be plain or should not have anything obscene, or a bed or toilet as it will also create a negative impact. 

3. Practice Beforehand & Be Prepared

Once you’ll get done with knowing and testing the system, software, or other tech resources, now you’re required to do some practice for online interviewing skills to perform better in the actual interview. You can use various online resources that will help you to practice interview questions in an online interview environment and make you more confident during the actual interview. Apart from the required technical skills, you need to learn about the company’s insights as well such as its vision, products, reviews, etc. to make a positive impact on the interviewer. Also, you’re recommended to prepare some general online interview questions asked by the companies.

4. Be Punctual

When interviewing online you are strongly recommended to not consider this any lesser than In-Person Interviews. You’re required to show up for the call on time or even 10-15 minutes earlier as it may take you some time to log on or do further processing. A little tardiness from your side can cost you a lot and you may even lose the opportunity at the moment. Also, early arrival will help you for being comfortable and allow you to focus on the interview. Moreover, you must ensure that you’ve downloaded the required application or software ahead of time and you’re ready to go at the scheduled interview time.

5. Dress Professionally

Although you’re not going to face the interview in person, still you are required to dress up appropriately as you would for an in-person interview. Most of the candidates commit the same mistake and don’t get dressed properly that sometimes negatively impacts their chances of selection. You can do some research as well on general dress codes for online interview tips. Moreover, you’re required to do well with your body language such as posture, hand movement, etc., and do remember one thing the first impression always counts. Also, make proper eye contact with the interviewer as it will let him know that you’re focusing on the interview.

6. Minimize Interruptions

It is very important while any video interview you have a strong internet connection and the applications such as Google Hangout, Zoom, Skype, etc. should run properly. A weak internet connection is alarming and creates a bad impression. Apart from the internet, other things such as background noises, from the surroundings nearby or within your house should be checked before starting the interview. Always sit in a quiet and calm corner without any disturbance.  

7. Keep an Eye on the Camera and not on the Screen

It is a reflex action and quite natural to look into someone’s eye while talking but while giving an online interview you must look into the web camera because looking at the screen might appear that you are looking away. If using a laptop then things are mostly fine, but while using a desktop you should keep the camera close to your face so that the eye contact you make is proper.

8. Keep Your Resume & Other Documents On Your Desk

Suppose, during an online interview, the interviewer asks you something from your resume or tells you to write down something and you neither have your resume nor pen/paper aside you. Indeed, it would be a huge letdown and you may lose your chances of the further interview process as well. Hence, you need to have a notebook, pen, resume, and other required documents in your sightline during the online interview to avoid any mishaps or inconveniences. Also, you can keep your handy notes along with you as well for reference purposes.

9. Think About Wearing Earbuds

Most people wear earphones or headphones while giving video interviews, and there is no harm in doing that but yes you can also consider using earbuds. Yes, those tiny things go directly in the ears and give proper voice quality and also help in getting rid of those bulky things. Sometimes the tangled wires of earphones and headphones can be a big drawback. However, many people do not consider following this tip but yes this is as important as others if you are really looking forward to getting the particular job. 

10. Switch off the Notifications

One of the most important and obvious video interview tips. Notifications can become a major distraction while giving the interview, therefore it is important that you must silence the notifications or can silence the phone because you don’t want your phone to buzz or beep while answering the questions. Also, when the phone is silenced, you can completely focus on the screen and the person sitting in front of you. However, not only phones, your computer notifications should also be silenced in order to remove distractions. 

11. Listen Carefully & Speak Clearly

In an Online Interview, you’re required to listen to the interviewer carefully and attentively. Although, if you are unable to get what the interviewer is saying in one go, you can ask for clarification or can request to repeat it. Also, you are strongly recommended to not interrupt the interviewer when he is talking, instead, let him complete first and then ask or say accordingly. Moreover, during interviews online, your communication skills represent a major part of your entire personality hence you need to speak very clearly & concisely and avoid mumbling or very long pauses to make a positive impact.

12. Stay Focused on the Interviewer

Being attentive is vital during an online interview because you are not sitting in front of the interviewer and cannot see the reactions properly. Therefore, you must listen to the question properly and try to understand the tone so that you do not misinterpret things. Do keep your complete attention on the camera and keep checking that you are clearly visible and that the interviewer is not putting effort into listening or looking at you.

13. Take Notes

Writing down important things during your online interview can be very helpful. You should always keep a pen and notebook near you so that you do not miss out on anything which can be useful. You can write down ideas or thoughts or something tricky that your interviewer said or asked so that you can answer that accordingly. Sometimes it also helps to show your engagement in the interview and creates a good impact. Notes are also helpful while doing follow-up emails as you can write down the pointers or any doubts to clear them. 

14. Make Sure To Ask Questions

Asking questions in an interview is vital, be it virtual or face-to-face, you have to be ready with questions that make sense. You should be ready with them on a prior basis, as same as you are ready with the answers beforehand. Mostly everyone knows what to answer but does not know what to ask, and end up hesitating if they are asked if they have any question. Therefore, prepare some basic questions about perks, benefits, and salary packages. Also, asking questions allows the interviewer to add more information and provides a hit that what you exactly want.  

15. Follow-Up After the Interview

And yes, don’t forget the Follow-Up process after the attending online interview. You should thank the interviewer for giving you the opportunity and time. This will help you to build a professional bond with the interviewer that will be beneficial for you for the further interview process. Although you’re required to have patience still you can follow up at times through email or calls to express your interest & concern about the job. However, if the interviewer provides you with the date for the next round or further process, try to avoid reaching out to him before the scheduled date. So, these are several tips that you can take into consideration to prepare for Online interviews. Meanwhile, apart from these strategies, all you need to do is feel confident & comfortable in front of the interviewer and give your best in the interview!!.

Wrapping Up

So these were a few virtual interview tips for acing your next interview. You should keep these things in mind before going for any interview and particularly for the video interview as they can be trickier at times. This is because you are sitting behind the screen and not physically in front of the person. Hence, it is necessary to remain focused and make a proper connection with the interviewer.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1: What are the 5 tips for successful interviews?


These are the 5 tips for a successful interview:

  • Reach on time
  • Know about the company and your recruiter
  • Carry multiple copies of your resume
  • Prepare some questions in advance
  • Stay Focused

2: What are 3 good tips when interviewing for a job?


These are the 3 tips when interviewing for a job:

  • Read the body language
  • Focus on experience and accomplishments
  • Anticipate the concern of the person and answer accordingly

3: What should be avoided in virtual interviews?


Here are some tips that you need to avoid while in a virtual interview:

  • Improper or distracting body language
  • Messy background
  • Disrupting internet connection
  • Interruption of any family member

Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2023
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