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Times Internet Interview Experience On-Campus Fresher Hiring 2018

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I am recently selected for Software developer engineer profile for fresher in Times Internet.

Round 1(Online Test)
This test was of 1 hour and consists of three sections, each section is of 5 questions of 5 marks each.
sec_1. logical reasoning
sec_2. quantitative aptitude test
sec_3. general reasoning
The test was very simple, so almost every student get 55 above marks out of 75 so they selected student based on Test marks and CGPA
13 students shortlisted out of 30+

Round 2(Technical 1)(1-1.5 hr)
1. Introduce yourself
2. Project discussion about 1/2 an hour(interviewer was very happy with my project it was my summer internship project.I interned at Amazon)
3. Normalization in Database(all form of normalization with example)
4. Indexing in Database(a little bit discussion on the use of the tree in indexing specially B+ tree)
5. What is a binary tree, How to use this in DBMS with the example
6.  Nth largest element in an array. (solution using max heap and min heap )
7. Find the first no-repeating character from a stream of characters
solution link->

Round 3(Technical 2)(40-50 MIn)
1.Introduce yourself
2.Project discussion
3.matrix multiplication(with code snippet)
4.LCM of three number(code snippet)
5.find number of unique character in an array
6.Length of the smallest sub-string consisting of maximum distinct characters
solution link->
7.A quick discussion on neural networks(Because I mentioned neural network in my resume)

Round 4(HR)(20-30 Min)
1. Introduce yourself
2. Project discussion (just overview)
3. Tell about your Internship experience
4. What are your Hobbies
5. Tell me something about your Family background
6.  Where do you see yourself in future

Finally, After five minutes I was informed that I was selected for the SDE Role in the Company.

General Tips
Be confident, think loudly, never panic and have a smile to your face always. You have already prepared hard for the recruitment process, it is just the confidence that matters. Don’t lose hope, there are many opportunities for you. Practice a lot of code and put geeksforgeeks as the homepage. One More thing, mention only those things in your resume about which you have a very good idea. It is not necessary that resume should consist of many things but it is necessary that it contents only those things about which you are confident.

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Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2020
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