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Tejas Network Interview Experience

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I had interview with Tejus Network for Software Engineer position.

Round 1:
8 Programming Questions were asked, write code foe each.
1. Fibonacci series
2. First Non Repeated Character (With Less time Complexity)
3. Single Design Pattern
4. Consumer Producer Problem, Using Thread
5. Implement Set and Sort an Employee class, based on Id and Name.
6. Reverse Of Link list without using API
7. Implement hash code and Equals Method
8. Create Instance of Set and store Class Object into Set .

Round 2: (Technical Lead)
This Round Questions were asked on data Structure.
1. Chess Board Class design
2. Copy linked list with arbitrary pointer
3. BST Tree, Pre order, post order.
4. There is a constant flow of numbers coming in from some infinite list of numbers out of which you need to maintain a data structure as to return the top 100 highest numbers at any given point of time. Assume all the numbers are whole numbers only.
5. Hash code and Equals Method difference and their implementations

Round 2: (Hiring Manager)
This Round Questions were asked on data Structure.
1. Tell me about Your Project
2. Roles and responsibilities
3. Class design for project module
4. Multithreading Questions (Consumer/Producer)
5. Design pattern (Singleton, Factory)
6. Run time Polymorphism
7. Reason for job Change.

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Last Updated : 27 Feb, 2016
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