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TCS NQT 2018 Interview Experience

Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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Round 1:I applied in TCS through TCS National Qualifier Test .It is an online aptitude Test which tests for your quantitative aptitude, English(10 fill in the blanks) and coding(1 question). The Test has two sections : 

  • Standard ( for ninja profile).
  • Advanced( for Digital)

The overall test is quite easy if in case you clear your standard test you will be called for the tcs ninja interview else for digital interview. 

Round 2:Once you have cleared your test you will get the result within a week .i had my test on  3 sep this year and got my result on 9 sept. and a interview call via mail for 12 sep . 

There were three panelists one HR, 2 Technical i guess .questions asked to me were: Introduce yourself. 

  1. what is oops?give an example.(i mentioned that i am technically competent in java hence, most of the questions were  based on it)
  2. what is an object?
  3. differentiate between Abstract class ad Interface?In what scenarios do we use each of them discuss.
  4. Differentiate between sets and List.( i was then asked to give the output of a program based on sets ).
  5. Differentiate between vector and Array list.
  6. What do you know about Jswing?
  7. what do you mean by applet and servlet?
  8. what do you mean by joins in sql ?Explain outer join.
  9. project based questions like  IDE used and tell me about your project.

Round 3: Questions asked by the HR : 

  1. Where do you belong to?
  2. Tell me bout your family background
  3. Are you ready to relocate anywhere across India?
  4. why TCS?


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