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TCS Interview Experience | Set 11 (On-Campus through CodeVita)

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I was selected for direct Technical Interview by qualifying CodeVita (Round 1) 2017.
This year CodeVita was held for individual participants. We were called at TCS office Kolkata.

Panel had 2 members .One among them asked questions only related to code i had done in codevita contest and the other interviewer asked questions from every other topics.


Me: Good Morning Sir
Interviewer: Good Morning shashank

Interviewer: How are u feeling today
Me; fine and excited sir

Interviewer1 :as u have mentioned about Maths Olympiad in your cv tell me one maths trick
Me : Listening to the first question i was a little bit nervous but suddenly i remembered Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm to generate prime numbers which is very often used in competitive coding.I explained him the algorithm

Interviewer1 : Giving pen and paper he asked ….okay ,so find a general formula to add all odd numbers divided by 3 .
Me; after thinking a little bit i figured out that starting from 3 every 6th number is odd and divided by 3 . so i wrote the generalised formula summation( 6x +3 )

Interviewer1 : What was your role in your project
Me : sir, i was the team leader

Interviewer1 : Can i conclude that you didn’t do any coding work
Me: no, sir there was some coding work i did and summing the whole project for proper running was done by me.

Interviewer1 : okay, explain the whole project
Me: i explained the whole project (my project was Flight Reservation System done on java platform using swing and data about flights were provided by our mentor )

Interviewer1 : did you do only one project .
Me : sir, i did one more project (Library Management System) in Visual Basics but i thought that was not significant so i didn’t mention in cv

Interviewer2 : okay ,so u took 7 attempts to make first code accepted and did second in one go .why is it so ?
Me: i explained him my logic for first code and he was satisfied .but may be there was problem with the test cases so the code didn’t work

He asked me more questions about code
I answered him my logic and the stl (standard template library) i used in my code
I did code in c++.
He asked if i can do same code in java or not to which I replied yes but i don’t know the predefined function for next_permutation() in java otherwise the logic is same

Interviewer1 : looking in cv he asked have u studied Data structure

Interviewer1 : what is data Structure
me ; I explained him with definition and example

Interviewer1 : what is the difference between error and exception
me ; I answered with example as this question is famous in java

Interviewer1 : explain left outer join and right outer join
me ; I explained it

Interviewer1: have you worked with any databases
me; I wasn’t sure about the question ,i replied yes i have worked using sql.

Interviewer1: what changes u want to bring in Purnea (your home town)
me; i will change the education system and will make computer education compulsory in every school including government school

Finally he asked ..Ready to join TCS ?
me : yes sir

Interviewer1: Do you have any questions for us ?
me; yes sir in what kind of projects i will be working on ?
To which he replied even we don’t know.

He asked me to go for Hr round ..Ma’m was sitting in that room only
so formal hr round for 5 minutes was there ..which was easiest part .

Results were announced after almost 15 days and around 20 students were selected from my college including me.

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Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022
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