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TCS Interview Experience 2021

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Hello everyone who’s reading this  article I want to share my experience with you  of my TCS interview :

  • ME: “Good morning sir”
  • Interviewer: “Good morning tell me something about yourself.
  • ME: “I told him with the sequence”
  • Interviewer: “what is the difference between 8086 and 8085”
  • ME: I told him
  • Interviewer: “what is the universal gates”
  • ME: I was a little bit confused, but I gave him an answer
  • Interviewer: then he told me about the networking layer
  • ME: I gave him only two layers
  • then, Interviewer: “told me about Reynold’s formula”
  • ME: “I don’t know sir”
  • Interviewer: “told me about Boyle’s law “
  • ME: “I don’t know sir”
  • Interviewer: “ok tell me the difference between java and c”
  • ME: “I don’t know coding sir”
  • Interviewer: “don’t know even c, ok give the Fibonacci series “
  • ME: “No sir”
  • Interviewer: “ok let us see what happen”

Verdict: Not selected


  • So please you need to know the coding as you do not know the coding you have to be familiar with basic of one of the programming language
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Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2021
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