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TCS Interview Experience 2020 through Codevita
  • Last Updated : 29 Oct, 2020

I recently appeared for the TCS interview process. I solved two questions but able to submit only one and still selected for an interview. I had an All India Rank of 6792th in CodeVita 2020 Round 1 which is the flagship coding contest of TCS. Through this, I got a mail from TCS.

My interview is scheduled for 17th September 2020. My slot time was 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM but due to some reason I missed it and I mailed them. They invited me to the 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM slot.

Due to covid-19, I had my interview online. I joined the Interview, there were 3 panelists.

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself?

Me: Answered

Interviewer: How many questions you have solved and what was your approach to solve?

Me: Answered(explained my approach)

Interviewer: Which programming language do you prefer?

Me: Answered(C++)

Interviewer: How you rate yourself on C++?

Me: I say I rate myself 8 out of 10 (be confident)

Interviewer: How you rate yourself in OOPs?

Me: Again I replied 8 out of 10

Interviewer: asked about polymorphism, abstraction, inheritance.

Me: Explained with examples (try to use examples for explaining any topic)

Interviewer: Difference between AI and Machine Learning?

Me: They asked me this question because I mentioned two projects related to data analysis and prediction. Explained.

Interviewer: What is the effect of AI on jobs in the future.

Me: Explained.

Interviewer: What are joins in DBMS?

Me: Answered

Interviewer: how to find the second maximum salary from the table employee?

Me: Answered

Interviewer: Are you willing to relocate to Chennai If selected?

Me: I say Yes

Interviewer: If selected and you accept the job offer you are not able to leave for one year.

Me: I say I have no problem

Interviewer: Will you leave TCS if you are selected for a company like Google, Microsoft, etc.

Me: Answered (don’t hesitate answer honestly)

Interviewer: Thank you, you will be informed via email about your results.

Me: I say thank you, sir.

After one month I got the mail and selected for the Ninja offer of TCS.

All the best and Good luck.

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