TCS Codevita Interview Experience – 2019

Round 1: Codevita Challenge

The first round was nothing but the codevita challenge of duration of 6 hours. The challenge contained 6 programs and the best part is even if one program is successfully submitted with all the test cases passed then you will be called for the interview. The programs are pretty hard and there will be strict action taken against plagiarism.

Round 2: Interview

There is no aptitude or any other rounds and you will be directly called for the interview if you qualify codevita. I was notified through my mail and those who complete one program successfully are considered to be qualified in codevita challenge. I was called for the interview containing 2 panels i.e one technical and another was for HR and managerial. The interview lasted for about 45minutes.  The programming language that i chose to submit programs in codevita, I was asked questions in the same language.  They also asked questions about SQL. SQL is must where ever you go. Sometimes they might even ask you about the problems that u solved in codevita. If you are selected then you will be notified via mail within a month.


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