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Host A (on TCP/IP v4 network A) sends an IP datagram D to host B (also on TCP/IP v4 network B). Assume that no error… Read More
A bit-stuffing based framing protocol uses an 8-bit delimiter pattern of 01111110. If the output bit-string after stuffing is 01111100101, then the input bit-string is… Read More
In the following pairs of OSI protocol layer/sub-layer and its functionality, the INCORRECT pair is (A) Network layer and Routing (B) Data Link Layer and… Read More
A prime attribute of a relation scheme R is an attribute that appears (A) in all candidate keys of R. (B) in some candidate key… Read More
(A) A (B) B (C) C (D) D Answer: (A) Explanation: The Relational Algebra expression in the question above, does 4 operations, step by step… Read More
A system uses 3 page frames for storing process pages in main memory. It uses the Least Recently Used (LRU) page replacement policy. Assume that… Read More
In the context of modular software design, which one of the following combinations is desirable? (A) High cohesion and high coupling (B) High cohesion and… Read More
Which of the following statements are CORRECT? 1) Static allocation of all data areas by a compiler makes it impossible to implement recursion. 2) Automatic… Read More
One of the purposes of using intermediate code in compilers is to (A) make parsing and semantic analysis simpler. (B) improve error recovery and error… Read More
(A) A (B) B (C) C (D) D Answer: (C) Explanation: Let ∑ ={a, b} then ∑* = { ε, a, b, aa, ba, bb, ……………….}Attention reader! Don’t… Read More
The length of the shortest string NOT in the language (over Σ = {a, b}) of the following regular expression is ______________. a*b*(ba)*a* (A) 2… Read More
You have an array of n elements. Suppose you implement quicksort by always choosing the central element of the array as the pivot. Then the… Read More
Suppose depth first search is executed on the graph below starting at some unknown vertex. Assume that a recursive call to visit a vertex is… Read More
Consider the following rooted tree with the vertex P labeled as root Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now.  Practice GATE exam well before the actual… Read More
The minimum number of arithmetic operations required to evaluate the polynomial P(X) = X5 + 4X3 + 6X + 5 for a given value of… Read More

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