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System namespace and mscorlib.dll assembly in C# language provide a variety of classes and structures. It also provides DateTime struct using which we can initialize… Read More
A string is a collection of characters and is used to store plain text. Unlike C or C++, a string in C# is not terminated… Read More
Given an array, now our task is to get a comma-separated string from the given array. So we can do this task using String.Join() method.… Read More
In C#, a string is a sequence of Unicode characters or an array of characters. The range of Unicode characters will be U+0000 to U+FFFF.… Read More
Given two strings we need to check if they are equal by using the == operator. The == Operator compares the reference identity i.e. whether… Read More
Given a string, now our task is to replace a specified character with the string. This task is performed with the help of Replace() method.… Read More
Given a string as an input we need to find all the substrings present in the given string.  Example: Input: geeks Output: g e e… Read More
C# is a general-purpose programming language it is used to create mobile apps, desktop apps, web sites, and games. As we know that a, e,… Read More
Given a string, our task is to first read this string from the user then find the sum of all the digits present in the… Read More

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