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Tag Archives: Assumptions and Conclusions

Statement: Tag line of an advt: “Just step in! We are concerned about all your needs with wide range of articles”. Assumptions: I. People do… Read More
Statement: An advertisement “Use Somani tiles to decorate your house”. Assumptions: I. Generally people like decorative house. II. Only ceramic tiles can make a house… Read More
Statement: The price for safeda mango is terribly priced at Rs. 200/kg. Assumptions: I. The price for other types of mangoes are decently priced. II.… Read More
Statement: Medicine M is a drug which is causing ripples in the medical field. Assumptions: I. M is not a great drug II. No other… Read More
Statement: It is advantageous to start schooling of child at the age of 5 or so. Assumptions: I. At the age of the child reaches… Read More
Consider the following phrase: Statement: A line from Ram’s appointment letter is “you are hereby appointed as a systems engineer with a probation period of… Read More

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