Standard Chartered – On Campus Coding Round Experience – NIT Jalandhar

On 11th Aug, Standard Chartered visited NIT Jalandhar for placement as well as for internships. 

After the Strength Test and 2 rounds of Aptitude, The 4th round was a coding round on 18th Aug. 

Two questions were there in the coding round, out of which one question of 30 minutes and the other of 60 minutes and both of 100 marks each

30 min question was totally easy and in simple:

  • Find a character with a maximum frequency in the string, but the trick was we can’t use a map because it will give TLE as the time limit for each test case was 0.17 second, so we need to do it by an array of characters of length 26. 

60 min question was basic:

  •  2d DP based question with a time limit of 1 second for each test case. 

But the problem faced by all the students was IDE. The test was held on TechGig’s environment on which only one submission per code is allowed after one submission the submit button freeze and at that moment we had no other option to check our code. When we compile and run the code it takes too much time to show output max of time and when it shows output our code was tested against only one sample test case and when we test against custom input then it only gives the output of our code instead of showing the output of our code and actual output. 

So in short; submission was the only way to check and as soon as we submitted the code, it was tested against 7 test cases out of which one was a sample test case and the rest all were hidden.

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