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Testing a program consists of providing the program with a group or take a look at inputs (or test cases) and perceptive if the program behaves needless to say. If the program fails to behave needless to say, then the conditions below that failure happen are noted for later debugging and correction.

Some normally used terms related to program testing are:

  • Failure:
    This is a manifestation of miscalculation (or defect or bug). But, the mere presence of miscalculation might not essentially result in a failure.
  • Test case:
    This is the triplet [I, S, O], wherever I is that the knowledge input to the system, S is that the state of the system at that the info is input, and O is that the expected output of the system.
  • Test suite:
    This is the set of all take a look at cases with that a given product is to be tested.

Aim of Testing:
The aim of the testing method is to spot all defects existing in an exceeding product. but for many sensible systems, even when satisfactorily closing the testing part, it’s uphill to ensure that the code is error free. this is often due to the very fact that the computer file domain of most code product is extremely giant. it’s not sensible to check the code thoroughly with regard to every worth that the computer file could assume. Even with this sensible limitation of the testing method, the importance of testing shouldn’t be underestimated. It should be remembered that testing will expose several defects existing in an exceeding product. therefore testing provides a sensible manner of reducing defects in an exceedingly system and increasing the users’ confidence in a developed system.

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