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Short note on Project Scheduling

Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2020
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A schedule in your project’s time table actually consists of sequenced activities and milestones that are needed to be delivered under a given period of time.

Project schedule simply means a mechanism that is used to communicate and know about that tasks are needed and has to be done or performed and which organizational resources will be given or allocated to these tasks and in what time duration or time frame work is needed to be performed. Effective project scheduling leads to success of project, reduced cost, and increased customer satisfaction. Scheduling in project management means to list out activities, deliverables, and milestones within a project that are delivered. It contains more notes than your average weekly planner notes. The most common and important form of project schedule is Gantt chart.

Process :
The manager needs to estimate time and resources of project while scheduling project. All activities in project must be arranged in a coherent sequence that means activities should be arranged in a logical and well-organized manner for easy to understand. Initial estimates of project can be made optimistically which means estimates can be made when all favorable things will happen and no threats or problems take place.

The total work is separated or divided into various small activities or tasks during project schedule. Then, Project manager will decide time required for each activity or task to get completed. Even some activities are conducted and performed in parallel for efficient performance. The project manager should be aware of fact that each stage of project is not problem-free.

Problems arise during Project Development Stage :

  • People may leave or remain absent during particular stage of development.
  • Hardware may get failed while performing.
  • Software resource that is required may not be available at present, etc.

The project schedule is represented as set of chart in which work-breakdown structure and dependencies within various activities are represented. To accomplish and complete project within a given schedule, required resources must be available when they are needed. Therefore, resource estimation should be done before starting development.

Resources required for Development of Project :

  • Human effort
  • Sufficient disk space on server
  • Specialized hardware
  • Software technology
  • Travel allowance required by project staff, etc.

Advantages of Project Scheduling :
There are several advantages provided by project schedule in our project management:

  • It simply ensures that everyone remains on same page as far as tasks get completed, dependencies, and deadlines.
  • It helps in identifying issues early and concerns such as lack or unavailability of resources.
  • It also helps to identify relationships and to monitor process.
  • It provides effective budget management and risk mitigation.

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