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Sapient Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

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Company – Sapient Interview experience (on-campus)

First round was aptitude test organised by through Amcat. It had 4 section – 1. English – 25 questions (25 minutes) 2. Quantitative – 25 questions (35 minutes) 3. Technical – 25 questions (35 minutes) 4. Logical – 24 questions (35 minutes)

Practice previous Amcat papers. Technical was mostly from data structure and algorithm. Each section had individual cutoff . It was adaptive test so you can not go back to your previous answer. Out of more than 500 students, 49 got shortlisted for the next round which was technical interview

Technical interview round-

My interview started with lots of puzzles. Some of them are – 1. Sand Timer puzzle where I needed to measure 15 minutes using two 7 and 11 minutes sand timer. 2. Divide 6 eggs among 6 people and 1 egg still left in basket. 3. Make 1000 using eight 8’s by only using +,-,*,/. 4. Number based puzzle. 5. A monkey climbs 3 step up during day and falls down 1 step during night. How much time required to climb 30 m. 6. Day of month using 2 dice.

I managed to answer all of them. Interviewer seemed really impressed. Now technical questions were asked – 1. Difference between c and c++. 2. Polymorphism – Overloading, overriding, virtual function ( explain with code ). 3. Basic of hashing ( Just how it works ). 4. Inorder, preorder and postorder traversal. 5. Print 100 to 1000 without using loop and recursion. 6. Find the reverse of the number without using extra space. 7. Reverse of string without using any loop. 8. Logic to find cycle in linked list. 9. code to connect to database. (as I mentioned i know php).

HR round – 1. Discussion about my projects. 2. Normal situation based questions. 3. Strength, weakness, proudest moment etc.

She actually checked my live website and my blogs on internet in front of me. so, never lie on your resume.

Basically, puzzle solving skills has to be good and basic technical knowledge.was required. Finally, got the offer.

Last Updated : 08 May, 2017
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