Sapient Interview Experience

Sapient was hiring for Java Developer/Microservice. The best part is that they provide pick up and drop service.

Round 1 Telephonic Round: MCQs based questions by HR on Core Java

Round 2 Case Study Round: A problem statement will be given and we have to make a microservice API using our tech stack in 120 min. You can ask for more time. I have to write JUnit test cases also. No internet is provided and have to use eclipse IDE. It’s not an elimination round

Round 3 F2F (technical discussion):

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. What all technologies have you used and why
  3. Many questions around your current project
    • Immutable class and object
    • Singleton Pattern
    • Factory Pattern
    • Multithreading
    • Synchronized
  4. What are triggers?
  5. When to use them?
  6. SQL Trigger | Student Database
  7. What is Indexing  and how to use indexing with composite keys
  8. HashMap internal working
  9. Difference between synchronized Hashmap and Concurrent Hashmap
  10. How to compare a HashMap with object Student: Use Comparator class Comparator Interface in Java with Examples
  11. Questions on static methods
  12. Lambda function
  13. Predicates in Java8 ( Interview also wanted to ask Java 9 question but I have not used it so informed him the same)
  14. Default method
  15. Marker interface
  16. Functional Interface
  17. Method overloading and overriding
  18. If we have a parent class implementing a Serialize method and child class doesn’t want to serialize what will you do ( Read case 3 from this link: Object Serialization with Inheritance in Java)
  19. What will be the output of the below program:
    public class ABC{ 
    public static test(){SOP("Hello");}
    public class Check{
    ABC obj=null;
  20. Maven vs Ant vs Gradle
  21. Junit test cases and tell me about some Mocking framework(Mockito)
  22. Spring bean cycle
  23. Hibernate Caching
  24. Jenkins based questions
  25. What is docker
  26. Linux commands

Combine score of round 2 and 3 results in going to round 4

Round 4 Physcometry Test: It was a Thomas Cook based psychometric test

Round 5 HR Round:

Salary expectation discussions

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